Hello friends! Today you will see the World Flipper Beginner Guide 2022 here. If you are not already familiar with the Kakao Games Corp World Flipper, this beginner's guide will give you all the basic information you need to get started.

Let's not waste time, let's check out the World Flipper Beginner's Guide. Here's where you'll get essential tips on the World Flipper Mission, Quest, and more. If you are looking for a World Flipper tier list then this guide should definitely take a look. There is a guide to World Flipper Reroll tips at the end of this article.

1 World Flipper Beginner Guide 2022
2 World Flipper Key Game Mechanics
3 World Flipper Weapon Souls
4 Power Flip
5 DMG Types and DMG Formula
6 How to Reroll – World Flipper Reroll Guide

A Beginner's Guide to World Flipper 2022

If this is your first time playing World Flipper and are confused about where to start, here's what you should know first.
⇒ Any events can be farmed! Basically, you'll be offered event-limited weapons, a good event store with lots of mats, stamina pots and other goodies, and mission rewards.

⇒ It is imperative to complete both the Main Story and EX Story quests. Besides giving you some fantastic characters (like the Owl), fairy quests will offer you a lot of orbs to pull out. They are easy to execute even with a squad that is barely aligned.
⇒ Be sure to work on raising the level of your teams and characters (at the moment it has become easier to gain mana, and players get more bells). Compared to when the game first came out, it's now easier to experiment with teams at your leisure. Below, in ascending order of difficulty, we have summarized the factors that players should consider:
  • Spam elemental dungeons and EXP / mana.
  • To maximize the use of weapons from silver and gold coins, you need to complete normal and difficult levels of co-op bosses. To the main previous bosses, four new ones have been added, as well as Sekbot, Kraken, Totem and Fox, which provide decent weapons.
  • Open Boss Stores monthly to get simple materials and weapons that need to be reduced for the orbs of the blacksmith. If possible, make it Hard +. It gives recoil when grinding silver coins, a very useful property.
  • Performing a laboratory (better than a laboratory 70), provides the ability to make the most of laboratory weapons.
  • Choosing an element to start grinding your Extreme / Purple coin. At the most difficult level, co-op bosses require specialized teams for the elements, otherwise they will destroy you.
  • Check out below for the recommended EX Coop roadmap and top channels for recommendations! Our personal recommendation is to create a water team for Golem EX because: 1) the boss is easy (if you have a tank, water teams usually manage even without 5 * characters) 2) three fiery EX weapons are exce
  • Completing EX + Solo Battles and Hell Challenge (available twice a day after rank 80).

Additional tips from different players:

⇒ Do not pull the gacha with the weapon with the spheres - leave them for the gacha of the character. The game constantly gives out tickets for the gacha for weapons, the main part of the weapons in the gachas are good, but not required. 100% of in-game content can be cleared with agricultural weapons.

Try to use weapons to pick up multiple bosses. Many of the event weapons and their corresponding soul abilities work very well. The event may repeat itself in the future, but it will take a long time. So it's best to get it early.

Try to get event characters in the same way! Most of the characters in past events have been pretty decent, and again, the event may not repeat itself for a very long time.

Most of the older characters are still viable for the current meta-teams. If the character was good at the start of the game, he most likely retained his value, with rare exceptions. Don't be discouraged if you don't have all of the new OP characters; the chance that you will be able to build a good team from what you already have remains very high.

Souls of abilities can now be swapped without destroying them, although this action requires a relatively high cost (200 orbs of a blacksmith). Removing a soul instead of replacing it will also cost you 200 Smithing Orbs.

Now you can massively unlock with the help of duplicates. The button that is responsible for this function is the far right option at the top of the cap removal page (with “括” symbols and an icon in the form of a target).

The game can enable / disable sound / vibration for calls. If you need help, just ask for it.

World Flipper Key game mechanics

Strengthening the Leader: The first character in the group is appointed as the leader. Their leader buff will affect all characters that match the conditions in your group.
Main and Unison: When the main character uses his skill, his unison character's skill is automatically activated. In battle, their weight skills will be averaged. Unison unit (minor unit) abilities also work, however abilities with [Primary] are not active when placed in unison (minor slot).
If, for example, you take Wagner, when placed in Unison, only the ability 3 will not work.

Flipper Souls World Weapon

Souls can be equipped on units and will provide the weakened effect of the original weapon. Only Souls equipped on the main units are valid.

Power flip

  • Sword
    While moving, deals damage to all enemies near the leader. The radius of the power flip depends and increases in accordance with the level.
  • Melee (Fist)
    Deals additional damage to the first enemy hit. The number of hits and damage increases depending on the level.
  • Shooting (bow)
    Attacks directly in the direction of your launch. Receives more rays as the level increases with increasing width.
  • Support
    service Grant all party members the Penetration, Buoyancy, and Attack Boost buffs. The duration of buffs increases depending on the level.
  • Special
    Deals damage to all enemies around the first enemy hit. The radius of the power flip increases according to the level.

The Power Flip level can be identified by the fin color, which changes according to the level. Starts with red, turns into yellow (level 1, 9-combo)> green (level 2, 15-combo)> blue (level 3, 39-combo)

DMG Types and DMG Formula

Currently, there are 4 DMG types:
  • Skill Damage
  • Powerflip
  • Direct Attack
  • Ability

These DMGs have one thing in common: they increase from Attack + their own buff (for example, skills increase from Attack buffs and skill damage).

All ATK and DMG buffs are added to each other. (For example, if a character has + 100% SD and + 100% SD from 2 abilities, he will have a total of + 200% SD). However, ATK is multiplicative with each of the various buffs. Thus, + 100% attack and + 100% SD will give a total of + 300% to final damage instead of + 200%.

Simply put, the Damage formula looks like this: (Basic Attack) * (1 + ATK%) * (1 + DMG_Types%)

With all of this in mind, it's good to remember that when building a team, it's better to balance ATK and other Damage buffs instead of only having one of the two.

How to reroll - World Flipper Reroll Guide

To change the scrolling in World Flipper, you have to work a little bit, because the developers have removed the clear data button from the global version of the game. If you need to change the scrolling, then you will have to uninstall and reinstall the game again.
There is no simple transfer in World Flipper. We'll have to go the hard way.
At Lv. 3, your characters' next flip will be Perfect Flip, which gives a bonus to the Power Flip attack effect.

First, you need to erase all data from the phone, then reinstall and reload the patch.
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