We welcome everyone to our website! Today we introduce you to the Mu Archangel Beginner's Guide. Using this guide, you will be able to quickly advance through the levels of Mu Archangel.

Read this information and learn all about the best Mu Archangel class, how to change the Mu Archangel class, how to get Mu Archangel coupon codes and much more.

1 Mu Archangel Class Guide
2 Mu Archangel Class Change Guide
2.1 Mu Archangel Class Skill Type

Mu Archangel Class Guide

n this game you can choose one of three classes for yourself. Choices can be made at the start of the MU Archangel game. After that, each class develops into a unique assembly that enhances one of the main character traits.
Later you can create a new character with a different class. A quick tip - it's best to take the one you are familiar with, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each class.
The choice can be made in favor of one of three characters:
  • The Dark Knight
  • Dark magician
  • Elf
  • The Dark Knight

In MU Archangel, the Dark Knight is the only melee class. The Dark Knights, no matter how they are arranged, are the most resilient characters.
The Dark Knights can be set up for solo quests in which you focus on offensive power, or as a tank in team quests and battles.

Dark Wizard

The Dark Wizard class at first glance will seem weak and fragile, but this is a deceiving impression. These heroes are very dangerous in combat.
Dark Wizard are good at dealing AoE damage to the enemy and applying a negative status effect.


If we compare the Elf class in terms of the damage done to one target, then it is significantly higher than the other two classes. Despite the fact that elves, like Dark Wizards, have a low rate of increase in HP, their main task remains to focus on agility. It is agility that increases their chance of avoiding an attack. Elves are also able to enhance protection, and not only their own, but also their allies.
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Archangel Mu Class Change Guide

Still not sure how to change the class in Mu Archangel? This is where we explain how to change the class in Mu Archangel.
Which hero do you want to choose? A lonely warrior or a devoted helper? Transform into a more powerful and agile warrior with a class change!
During the game, when your character reaches a certain level, the possibility of class change opens up. The class change is completed after you have completed all the class change quests and the choice of the class line.
After completing the class change, the equipment tab and the skills window of the corresponding class become available. New equipment and new skills are activated, which correspond to a separate line of classes.
But there is one condition here. The class line that you have selected to change the class cannot be changed or canceled.

Archangel Mu Class skill type

After changing the class, you will have the opportunity to acquire and select skills corresponding to the desired class line. You can select and acquire skills that match the class you selected during your class change.
Default skills are provided accordingly with the selected class line, and the corresponding skills are created under the name of the class. The skills acquired may differ depending on your characteristics. To increase your strength, you must acquire skills that match your class line.
After choosing to change the class, there will be no going back, and you will not be able to change or cancel your choice.

The skills acquired may differ depending on the introductory characteristics.

So far, that's all we can share about the Mu Archangel Beginners Guide 2021 (best class). Read carefully and don't forget to look here for the List of Mu Archangel Coupon Codes.