Hello friends! Today I'm going to tell you about the Elixir Golem Electro Spirit 2021 deck. It will be great to play if your goal is to promote trophies in 2021. Also use this Elixir Golem Electro Spirit 2021 deck well in Grand Challenge, Tournaments and Ladder. There is an Electro Spiritual and Battle Healer, which works great with Elixir Golem and Skeleton Dragons. Let's not waste any time, let's check out the detailed guide for this Electro Spirit Deck 2021 (Best Electro Spirit Deck) for Elixir Golem.

Elixir Golem Electro Spirit Deck

Elixir Golem:

Will be the best tank in the game in 3 Elixir. Do not use your elixir golem with great pressure, try playing it in front of your counter-push squads or behind your royal tower if you have a barbarian hut. Golem Elixir Drops do maximum damage, especially if they fall within the healing radius of a Combat Healer.

Electro Spirit:

Electro Spirit - In addition to being a good cycle card, it also works great in defense.


Tornado has a great overall effect in this deck. It must be used to assemble units in the area of ​​effect of skeletal dragons or electro dragons, so that dragons can spray their units to the maximum. Also, the Tornado can activate your royal tower as early as possible. Use the late game to drive your ranged units away from your push into the opposite lane. This tactic works great for Skeleton Dragons here.

Combat Healer:

An excellent card for large beatdown decks due to its tremendous value. Her healing aura is invaluable.

Barbarian Hut:

The Barbarian Hut card is best played in the center of the arena, and the Goblins Hut card is best played behind the Princess Tower. Use the Barbarian Hut card to kite units such as boar rider, balloon, tanks, etc., and only in the center of the arena.

Skeleton Dragon:

Much better than Small Dragon because it has much stronger damage. This is the best splash block for an Elixir Golem deck. If you get the chance, try pairing it in a clean and jerk with an elixir golem. Use the Skeleton Dragon against a pack like the Goblin Gang or the Minion Horde. He can give an excellent rebuff to the musketeer. Skeleton Dragons are used to capture ground / air swarm cards for positive elixir trade / counteraction potential.

Electro Dragon:

The Electro Dragon is a strong defensive unit, it will give you a good oncoming push card. He can also help slow down heavy units, and his chain lighting ability means he can also counter support cards or minions.


The most versatile spell. The fireball will perfectly burn the tower when you can get valuable fireballs. It is also great for fighting swarms like barbarians and hordes of minions, soft troops like musketeers, witches, etc.

Elixir Golem Electro Spirit Deck 2021 Gameplan:

When the game just started, the first thing that would be good to do is to activate your royal tower with the help of a Tornado. This is important when playing against rider decks, decoys, and graveyards. You need to wait for the enemy to make the first move, then defend for just one elixir and figure out which deck your opponent is playing.

Elixir Golem can be played behind your royal tower, and you can also create a great combination of Elixir Golem with Battle Healer and Skeleton Dragon or Electro Dragon.

This Battle Healer Elixir Golem Electro Spirit Deck Arena 12+ is suitable for playing with all decoy decks. If your opponent shoots / logs / arrows at specific cards, you have other cards in your deck that you can get good value out of. If they use a fireball on your skeletal dragons, you have the option to make a huge dash with Giant + Night Witch + Electro Dragon.

Thank you so much for checking out our guides. We hope this information was helpful to you. We would be grateful for any feedback. Leave your comments and suggestions below, under the article. Until next time!