Hey! Today you will learn all about the best Clash Royale decks of 2021. All 2022 Clashes Royale decks are good for promoting trophies, tournaments and Grand Challenges, as well as Classic Challenges. In this article, we'll share a lot of great clash royale decks that you can use to win every Clash Royale game. There are so many decks available in our Clash Royale guide to check out.
And so, let's get started. Let's take a look at the 21 best Clash Royale decks that perform well in the 2021 Clash Royale meta. Also read here: Clash Royale Champion Challenge Deck for the Skeleton King Starter Party
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1 Best Clash Royale November Meta Deck 2021
2 Best Night Witch Clash RoyAle Meta Decks 2021 November
3 Pekka Bridge Spam Decks 20121 for Arena 11+
4 Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck For Arena 10+
5 Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck Arena 11+
6 Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Deck 2021
7 Best Mega Knight Wallbreaker Deck for 2021
8 Best Clash Royale Golem Mother Witch Decks 2021

Best Clash Royale Meta Deck 2021

Top 21+ Best Clash Royale Decks 2022

This is a Giant Double Prince deck, great for the 2021 meta. Here, the Giant is your main character to win and your main source of damage. Usually there is a prince pushing a giant or trying to punish an opponent with a giant mega minion on a bridge.
The Prince and the Dark Prince should be used to support the Giant in the counterattack, and the Electric Wizard is your main opposition to the boar rider, which is the curse of most other versions, along with the prince. He can be swapped out for a musketeer for higher DPS and longer range, but the electronic wizard's drop is very important when playing against minions, hordes of minions, bats, and even goblin barrels as he deals with them faster.
There is also a miner in this deck, this is the most important card in this deck. Your success will directly depend on how cleverly you can use the miner. I would say this deck is easy to pick up, but hard to master because of the miner. Continue reading

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Best Night Witch Clash RoyAle Meta Decks 2021

Night Witch Elixir Golem Battle Healer Deck is one of the strongest in Clash Royale. The Elixir Golem is the cheapest and most powerful tank in Clash Royale. He is the most agile squad in the game, can withstand heavy blows and tank for your support troops. On the defensive, he is weak, unless this is your last chance. You need to use three elixirs to get to the best defensive unit.
Electro Dragon is the best card in Clash Royale if you know how to use it. Its chain damage stuns units, thereby giving your other dragons additional time to destroy the enemy. Baby Dragon and Tornado are the best combination for protection. Using it, you divert enemy defensive units away from your Elixir Golem. Also this pair works very well in defense with Electro Dragon.
In Night Witch Elixir Golem Battle Healer Deck you need patience to slowly build up units to crush your opponent. This is a defensive deck, you have to play it like a beatdown deck and try to trade tower damage. I never tire of repeating that this is the best clash royale deck of 2021 and will help you win any game. Continue reading "

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Pekka Bridge Spam Decks 2021 for Arena 11+

This is a very popular spam deck Pekka bridge in clash royale. A large number of professionals use it in trials and very easily get 12 victories in grand trials. Pekka is the main defense and victory condition in this deck, and we have the Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer to support your Pekka with poison.
The second condition for victory in this deck is Battle Ram. A standard tournament ram can practically destroy a tower if left alone. You will be surprised, but this happens much more often than you think. It's still a great map to use as a tank for surviving troops in a counterattack.
The next powerful card in the deck is Royal Ghost, a good defender with decent damage. He is also responsible for the violation. Air forces cannot destroy him if he is in stealth mode, use it in defense against cards such as Boar or Miner. Remember to use poison to defend against elixir pumps in one elixir, and you can also use poison to destroy swarm units like hordes of minions, gangs of goblins, an army of skeletons, or even split the three musketeers.
Your spam units on the bridge are a battering ram, a bandit, and even a Royal Ghost. All of them must be used aggressively on the bridge to put pressure on your opponent and make him answer the challenge. Make sure you protect your magical archer throughout the match and always use his range to your advantage. Continue reading "
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Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck For Arena 10+

This deck is ranked second among the best clash royale decks of 2021, and the Lava Hound deck also allows you to play on the high-level ladder. If you do everything right, victory will be in your pocket. This Lava Hound deck is perfect for Arena 10+ players and has a 61.4% win rate in the Grand Challenge.
In this deck, the Lava Hound is your main tank, which will be the main tank in the dash. The game is very similar to a golem: you need to protect the lava hound with the help of a small dragon and a hellish dragon, then when all the units cross the bridge and are left with decent HP, throw the Miner and enjoy the huge damage dealt. 😛
This card works well with almost every other card in this deck.
The miner is also a condition for winning in the Lava Hound deck, just because the chip is damaged, it can come out. The miner will be a distraction by absorbing damage from the enemy tower when your Lava Hound dies and allowing the puppies to deal massive damage to the tower. For protection, you have Twin Dragons, Barbarian and Goblin Cage. Continue reading "
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Royal Giant Mother Witch Deck Arena 11+

This deck is ranked third on the list of the best clash royale decks of 2021. This is a fast cycle deck for royal giant fishermen and hunters. It will allow you to maintain offensive and defensive pressure. This deck includes a new Witch Mother card. The fisherman needs to be included in the game at the very beginning in order to bring the units to your royal tower. This is necessary to get early activation, which will then help you defend throughout the match.
Royal Giant is actually incredibly strong in this meta due to the low cast rate of the mini Pekka. It is your main victory condition and should be used throughout the match to maintain the pressure and force your opponent to play the elixir in defense. The Hunter is a defensive beast and can kill most units, but you should use him to support your royal giant and fisherman because she works great with the fisherman.
Don't stop and apply pressure with RG, this will force the enemy to defend, while increasing your chances of taking tower damage.
Against graveyard decks, try to switch between lanes. To do this, you can use an electronic wizard, Mother Witch or a thorn barrel to defend the graveyard, and Mother Witch is one of the best cards against the graveyard. Continue reading "
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Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Deck 2021

This Knight Barrel Deck deck is one of the best in the clash royale. There is a princess, a gang of goblins, Ice Spirits and a tower of hell, which they use to lure out a small spell from your opponent. Then the enemy can be punished with your goblin. A barrel is the main condition for victory in a deck with a knightly barrel.
The Knight is the main defense card used to defend support troops and then counterattack with a goblin barrel.
The knight is a tremendous value for 3 elixirs, with his tank and ability to resist, unlike the ice golem. It can be used to distract support troops while Inferno Tower melts Giants and Golems. It can also be placed in front of the princess on the bridge.
Goblin Barrel: A chip damage card in a deck. It is usually used after the opponent has played a relatively expensive card. If my opponent places the golem behind, place the knight on the bridge and throw the goblin barrel.
This princess knight and goblin barrel in 10+ k arena has two victory conditions: Goblin barrel and Rocket.
These two victory conditions are your main damage dealers, but one of them is almost always used to damage the tower (Goblin Barrel), and the other (Rocket) is used in only two situations. Continue reading "
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Best Mega Knight Wallbreaker Deck for 2021

Mega Knight is your main defense card alongside Bandits and Musketeers. Mega Knight allows you to enter the arena, and its knockback ability is a decent answer to spam and bait archetypes.
Counter push behind him with Stanol and the bandit, and Miner if you get the chance, his high health will make him a great tank for the Miner. You can use Miner to destroy ranged units like princess, goblin dart or magic archer,
This Best Mega Knight Wallbreaker 2021 deck needs to be played more aggressively than a regular deck. She is very strong in defense: you have a miner, breaks of walls and a bandit, on the bridge to push, and in defense, to force your opponent to spend the elixir.
Basically you will encounter a lot of Pekkas paired with electric wizards and bats. How to deal with it: Place the Musketeer at a safe distance, and the further you can place him to create the elixir, the better. When Mega Knight and Bandit are at the bridge, throw Mega Knight. He has to kill the Eviz if it is placed correctly.
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Best Clash Royale Golem Mother Witch Decks 2021

Another great deck that is good for beginners. It can be used in clash royale 2021. Here Golem is the main tank of the deck. He has the most health of all tanks in the game. He can single-handedly capture the Tower, and with the support of the Mother Witch or the Skeleton Dragons, his potential will be maximized. You need to use the Golem mainly during a double elixir, but often in a situation where you have a 2+ elixir advantage during a single elixir, you can perform a tower capture attack in the first two minutes.
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Skeleton Dragons Clash Royale December Meta Decks 2021

This Night Witch Skeleton Dragons Giant deck has the same power in both offense and defense. In the attack you have a Giant and a night witch, in defense - a Hunter and Dragon Skeletons.
This 2021 Clash Royale deck is based on Counter push with Giant and chip damage to smash your opponent's tower. This deck should not be played aggressively in the first few minutes. First played with Skeletons in the back or Giant in the back.
If there is no Giant in my hand, I use mini-pushes like Miner + Skeletons. If your opponent puts the Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split the Guardian and Dragon Skeletons to push both lanes and the Miner towards their Collector. It confuses them, so it won't be able to guess which lane you are going to click on. Continue reading "
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Goblin Cage Graveyard Deck 2021

From the very beginning, try to find out which deck your opponent is playing and what his chips are in your graveyard.
Do not lay out all your forces and resources at once, instead start small with a graveyard and a dragon on the bridge.

Mini Pekka Magic Archer Royal Hogs Decks 2021

This Royal Hogs Mini Pekka Magic Archer Royal Delivery Deck earned a 57.1% win rate. This best Clash Royale deck of 2021 is a looping deck, but it also has blitz components like Royal Boars and chip components like Ice Spirit and Skeletons with Mini Pekka
Royal boars harbor surprises like electronic thorns and hogs. These four cards will basically be your main source of tower damage. If the enemy has a fireball or Valkyrie, it is better to wait until these units are out of rotation.
We have a Hunter for protection. This card is suitable for 4 Elixir, although it has a lot of health, and it can really destroy the Mini P.E.K.K. if it falls on the Hunter. The Hunter is an absolute beast in defense and can destroy most units. But the main purpose of using this card is to support your Royal Hog.
A magical archer will support your Royal Boar and Pekka's miniguns after a successful defensive sequence. Placement is key, Magic Archer can bring you a lot of elixir compromises, and placing it right will give you tremendous value, especially if you can smash their tower by damaging their units. Continue reading "
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Best Clash Royale Graveyard Electro Giant Deck 2021

The first victory condition is your Electro Giant, and the Graveyard is the second victory condition. It is best used later in the game if you are not sure you have a good opportunity to push early in the game. This card is best combined with a tower damage unit such as Mini Pekka or Musketeer. The Electro Giant can also be played in a counter attack.
Electro Giant is the main tank and meat shield in this deck. Play with him in defensive squads like Mini Pekka and Musketeer to counter the attack. You can also use it to kite units in the opposite lane. Try playing in a graveyard with the giant tanking tower damage.
In defense we have Skeleton Army & Mini Pekka and Musketeer & Bats, sometimes you can also use Electro Giant. Continue reading
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Best Clash Royale Mini Pekka Hog Firecracker Deck 2021

One of the winning Clash Royale decks in June 2021. In this Clash Royale deck, the Hog Rider is your main condition to win this best Clash Royale deck of 2021. It can be used as a start in the game. This is exactly the card with which it is easy to get maximum damage. You can always pair him with Bats, or with the Ice Spirit. this will allow your boar rider to deal one extra hit to his tower or temporarily freeze any defensive units he is playing.
Mini Pekka is good at destroying tanks as well as spam units such as ram rider, battle ram, hog or ghost. She is also good at catching miners. Try to resist the push behind this unit if they have more than half HP left. Never use this card on a bridge, it should only be used as a defensive unit.
Best Combo Clash Royale Hog Firecracker Decks:
  • Hog + Ice Spirit (great inexpensive combo, good early game)
  • Hog + Ice Golem (good for tanking pigs and killing cheap troops like skeletons)
  • Hog + Firecracker (two very fast maps that go well together)
  • Hog + The Log (The log can be used to destroy skeletons, you can also send preliminary logs that will abandon the area while the log is rolling.

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Elixir Golem Clash Royale Deck 2021

In my personal ranking, the best deck in Clash Royale 2021 for the Grand Challenge, Elixir Golem is the best tank in the game for 3 Elixir. Don't be too aggressive with your elixir golem, try playing it in front of your counter-push squads or behind your royal tower if you have a barbarian hut. Golem Elixir Drops are mostly damaging, especially if they are within the healing radius of a Combat Healer or Heal Spirit.
Spirit of Healing is a cycle card + counteracting spells (poison or fireball) that can deal massive damage to your support cards. It also helps your units to win the 1v1 battle on the bridge.
The Electro Dragon is a good defensive unit that gives you a good counter push card. It helps slow down heavy units, and its chain lighting ability means it can counter support cards or swarm units like minions.
The best splash block for the Elixir Golem deck, as it deals more damage than the Little Dragon. Try using it with the Elixir Golem in Jerk. Use it against a pack such as the Goblin Gang or the Minion Horde. He can counter the Musketeer very well. Skeleton Dragons are used to draw out ground / air swarm cards for positive elixir trade / counteraction opportunities. Continue reading "
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Skeletal Dragons: This pair is the main damage in this deck. This is a great support card for RG if the opponent has a swarm in their deck. They can also be a decoy card for spells, but try not to give your opponent too much spell value.
While this card can be split, it's best to keep them together because they have very little health and won't do much damage on their own. Tornado works great with Dragons in this deck because it can be used to take lethal damage from a golem or group units together so that skeletal dragons can spray all of their units.