Hello everyone, friends! Consider the best Sentry Rush Royale deck for Arena 9 today. These are new Sentry decks, but their popularity is growing every day since the recent Sentry boost. The Rush Royale meta has been moved from Thunder / Engineer to Sentry because in recent march balance changes the Sentry has received a huge buff and the thunderer has been weakened. After the Engineer balance update in June, it has been weakened and F2P Arena 9 players have no choice but to use Sentry.
The Sentinel is now much more powerful in Rush Royale than before. Everyone started using Sentinel in Arena 9 and up, so we'll show you a couple of good Sentinel decks for Arena 9+.
Let's not be distracted for long, here's a list of some of the best Arena 9 decks to help you advance your trophies, and you can easily make your way to Arena 10 in Rush Royale.
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1 1.) Sentry Chemist Deck Arena 9+
2 2.) Sentry Wind Archer Deck Arena 9+
3 3.) Rush Royale Sentry Meteor Deck Arena 9+
4 4.) Rush Royale Sentry Crystalmancer Deck Arena 9+
5 5.) Rush Royale Sentry Hex Deck Arena 9+

1.) Sentry Chemist Deck Arena 9+

Top 5 Best Rush Royale Sentry Deck for Arena 9+

This Sentry Chemist Deck is almost like two peas in a pod similar to the F2P deck in Rush Royale. It contains only epic and rare cards, which means that any f2p can improve these cards.
The Sentry Chemist Deck has a Chemist, Vampire, Plague Doctor and Bombardier, a vampire of at least level 4 before the First Boss. The vampire will also help you gain additional mana.
The Plague Doctor will help you deal area damage, and the Chemist will help you increase the damage taken by monsters.
Before the 2nd Boss tries to have at least 3 or 4 Plague Doctors level 3 and 2 Plague Doctors level 2 and 2 Chemists level 2 or 3.

2.) Sentry Wind Archer Deck Arena 9+

This is another F2p deck. In this deck we have a Wind Archer to deal damage, the Priestess will help you get mana mana, Since the Executioner finishes off a monster with health below a certain level, He will help you kill monsters with a health level below 42% at the maximum level.

3.) Rush Royale Sentry Meteor Deck Arena 9+

If you are an F2p player, then this deck can play against you. It contains 2 legendary cards Meteor and Harlequin. If you have both of these cards in hand, they can be used in PvP mode.
The purpose of this deck is simple: when there are many monsters on the board, you need to combine your mime and meteor. Metero helps you kill all monsters in a specific area.

4.) Rush Royale Sentry Crystalmancer Deck Arena 9+

This is a brand new deck containing three cards that were buffed in the March balance update.

5.) Rush Royale Sentry Hex Deck Arena 9+

I chose Sentry with Hex and was surprised how great it works. Then I challenged myself to see how far I could get with this Hex Deck Rush Royale Sentry Hex. The result was league 1 in the Rush royale.

Crystalmancer now works great in every deck, it also received a buff, and now its minimum damage is increased, players can use it in Pvp mode.

We have all the news for this hour. We will be updating this page shortly with more Watch Decks. If you have any questions about shaman decks, read this How to Play and Resist a Shaman in Rush Royale (Shaman Guide).
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