Hello everyone! We are with you again, and with the best deck for lava hounds. It is today that we discuss the best deck for lava hounds in 2021. If you are in Arena 9 or higher, then with the help of these decks you will be able to promote your trophies.

The most vaunted and most popular deck, Best Lava Hound 2021 plays well in the Grand Challenge. Let's take a quick look at the Best Deck for Lava Hound 2021 Arena 9+ guide.

Lava Hound Deck 2021 Mother Witch Best Deck Arena 11+

Top 13 Clash Royale Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

The Skeleton Dragons Lava Hound Mother Witch deck is very good against most meta decks in clash royale. At the beginning of the game, Lava Hound is a great opening when playing this deck. Tip - always send your lava hound to the Royal Tower, never play bridge.
In a single elixir, your main goal becomes simply to live up to a double elixir. Already there, you will take most of the damage from the tower with the help of lava and a ball. Be sure to find out which deck the opponent is playing and try to lure their main opposing opponent with your lava hound and balloon.
Skeleton dragons do a good job on the bridge to help the defensive forces that can withstand our lava. Infernal Dragon will be used as a support card behind Lava and Balloon in most matches. Continue reading "

1.) Tombstone Balloon Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

We classified this deck as an air deck, for the reason that it has a lot of air forces, and you can easily put your opponent in a difficult position. The strongest countermeasures are the Jagged Giant + Elite Deck as both require an immediate reaction and they easily cause double lane pressure. In theory, the worst map to meet would be the tower of hell. But this is not a meta, and therefore the deck can move freely and give players easy wins and a fun time. Continue reading "

2.) Double Dragon Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

The game plan for Double Dragon Best Lava Hound Deck 2020 is simple: place the Lava Hound in the corner after 10 popped elixirs. I prefer the right corner because I am right handed. But if you are left-handed, just use the left corner. Once he hits the bridge, support him with Megaminions, Little Dragon, or Hell Dragon outside.
Always keep a ready arrow for enemy minions or horde of minions.

3.) Night Witch Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

4.) Miner Goblin Cage Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

In this deck, you can immediately play your lava hound. This is the case if you have a small dragon or fireball to support against hordes of minions. A little tip - put the lava hound behind the king's tower and let it walk slowly towards the bridge.
This will give you the opportunity to accumulate 6-7 elixir, which will allow you to either defend against enemy attacks on the opposite lane, or additionally support your lava hound and break through the enemy's oncoming push. Continue reading "

5.) Night Witch Poison Best Lava Hound Deck 2021

In the first minutes of the game, if you are attacking, you need to try to attack your opponent with different and strange pushes. Use large shocks when there is a night witch and a barbarian who can resist the enemy's push, and then play a lava hound behind the Arena Tower.
Wait for him to get to the Bridge, then play Miner or Baby Dragon or and get ready to jump to rest the enemy in the tower of hell or hellish dragon.
Thank you for reading this guide to the end. We hope it was helpful to you. See you in the arena!
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