Hello everyone! Today we are watching the Pekka Ram Rider deck for Arena 11+. This deck is suitable for intermediate players, 4000+ trophies. The Pekka Ram Rider Arena 11+ deck can bring a large number of victories, even over cards at the highest rung of the ladder, including the golem, royal giant and mega knight. Ram Rider is also a very strong card, so come and meet the Pekka Ram Rider Deck Arena 11+ guide.

Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Deck Arena 11+


This is the pepper of the deck. An incredible amount of health that will save you if you overdo it. He slices through the E Barbs while remaining on the board at half health, followed by a counterattack, rendering Pekka deadly.
Pekka will also easily cope with the attack of tanks and tanks of support units. He can kill Giant + Musket + Executioner and stay alive. Playing as Pekku is insane value.
He plays well against RG, he basically has full health after you pulled him out, so you can take more damage to the tower than RG gave. In PEKKA, you shouldn't play proactively unless you have a +4 elixir advantage.
Pekka is a very powerful force and threat to mega-knights, giants, giant goblins and golems. Pekka's weakness is that she is easily distracted and killed by hordes of minions. It is very useful to combine dragon + snowball with pekka.
Even though Pekka will not be the main condition for victory, she will deal damage to the Tower. But for victory it is not necessary that she hit the tower.

Barbarian Barrel:

is a small spell, distraction card and mini-tank all rolled into one. To use it as bait, save it for a distant relative, the Goblin Barrel.

Ram Rider:

A very versatile card. Ram Rider is played when she has a tank unit that you can merge with, for example, a peck, a knight, a dragon, or, if nothing like that, then a mega minion. With the help of the mega minion, support the tank push of Ram Rider or the little dragon and then the lanes will be clean.


This is the best spell to attack and support your P.E.K.K.A. It is ideal for dealing heavy damage to enemy towers while taking out support troops that are trying to stop your P.E.K.K.A, such as the Ice Wizard.
It takes time to create an elixir for using Lightning. Therefore, it is usually used in full thrust if it is a double elixir, or when you are confident that Lightning will destroy the only counter P.E.K.K.A. that the enemy has. Also great for finishing towers <350 HP.


This card is the best combination for Pekka. His burst is vital to the success of this Pekka deck.
This is the best combination of support that can be used both defensively and offensively. The little dragon is the best against the barbarians, the minion horde, the minions and the skeleton army. With its help, all the troops will not survive for long to kill your Pekka.


Bandit very quickly became one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale. If you don't believe me, just use the Bandit and see for yourself. In this deck, Bandit is incredibly versatile.
For the most powerful push, the Bandit can be placed behind Pekka or paired with a ram rider. It can also be used in defense to clean up medium health units. It is now much more resilient against enemies and effective in chip damage.


Self Explanatory

Game plan:

The goal of the game is very simple, you need to support your P.E.K.K.A. Using Baby Dragon + Electro Dragon, you can easily deal with the supporting troops by damaging the tank, or simply cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel.

A quick tip: if your opponent is placing an Elixir Collector, start building P.E.K.K. right in the back, or play Lightning on the Elixir Pump.

Thank you for your attention. We hope that our Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Deck Arena 11+ guide was helpful to you. We will be grateful for your feedback, leave any feedback in the comments section.