Hello everyone, friends! The time has come when Bleach Eternal Soul has already become available worldwide. The best way to start the game is to familiarize yourself with the level list of this addicting role-playing game. Below you will find the list of Bleach Eternal Soul tiers. BLEACH Eternal Soul is an exact replica of the original anime's storyline, featuring over 100 classic characters and voice acting from the original VA cast. BLEACH fans, join our team now to destroy enemies and unleash your bankai.
Let's tell a little about the character rating system on our website. Each character currently available in Bleach Eternal Soul will be rated in six different categories ranging from strong to low. At this point in the game there are few characters, so we think that over time, the number of levels and the scale of the game will change significantly.
Without further ado, let's get down to exploring the 2021 Bleach Eternal Soul tier roster.
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1 BLEACH Eternal Soul Tier List:
1.1 SS
1.2 S tier List
1.3 A Tier List
1.4 B tier list
1.5 C Tier list
1.6 D Tier List

BLEACH Eternal Soul tier list:

  • SS level: characters with increased power are available here, who are currently the best in the current meta.
  • Level S: There are powerful characters here who generally work well in the different game modes of BLEACH Eternal Soul.
  • Level A: There are strong niche characters that have limited power in some game modes.
  • Level B: There are excellent characters here who only do well in a few game modes.
  • Level C: There are weak niche characters here that have limited strength in certain game modes.
  • Level D: There are low level characters here that only work well in a few game modes.


  • RF Nel (UR)
  • White Ichigo (UR)
  • Yamamoto (UR)
  • RF Ulquiorra (UR)
  • Tensazangetsu (UR)
  • Vasto Lord Ichigo (UR)

S tier List

  • RF Grimmjow (UR)
  • Christmas Orihime (UR)
  • Kenpachi (UR)
  • Christmas Rukia (UR)
  • Shunsui (UR)
  • Kensei (SSR)
  • RF barragan (UR)
  • Aizen (UR)
  • Unohana (SSR)
  • Mayuri (SSR)
  • Urahara (UR)
  • RF Hallibel (UR)
  • Zangetsu (UR)
  • Normal Ulquiorra (UR)
  • RF Szayelaporro (UR)
  • Shinji (UR)

A Tier List

  • Isshin (SSR)
  • Base Grimmjow (UR)
  • Lisa (SSR)
  • Yoruichi (SSR)
  • Toshiro (UR)
  • Rukia (SSR)
  • Byakuya (SSR)
  • Matsumoto (SSR)
  • RF Nnoitra (UR)
  • Yachiru (SSR))
  • Normal Ichigo A
  • Gin (SSR)
  • Soi Fon (SSR)
  • Stark (SSR)
  • Nel (SSR)
  • Barragan (SSR)
  • Halibel (SSR)
  • Tosen (SSR)

B tier list

  • Toshiro (SSR)
  • Nemu (SR)
  • Tessai (SSR)
  • Chad (SSR)
  • Yammy (SSR)
  • Aaroniero (SSR)
  • Orihimi (SR)
  • Komamura (SSR)
  • Jushiro (SSR)
  • Nnoitora (SSR)
  • Kukaku Shiba (SSR)
  • Ikkaku (SSR)
  • Ryuken (SSR)
  • Hiyori (SSR)
  • Love (SSR)
  • Szayelaporro (SSR)

C Tier list

  • Uryu (SR)
  • Renji (SSR)
  • Luppi (SSR)
  • Findorr (SSR)
  • Lilinette (SSR)
  • Nel (SR)
  • Shuhei (SR)
  • Zommari (SSR)
  • Sasakibe (SR)
  • Mashiro (SR)
  • Ikkaku (SR)

D Tier List

  • Omeda (SR)
  • Hinamori (SR)
  • Kon (R)
  • Isane (SR)
  • Hachi (SR)
  • Kira (SR)
  • Rose (SR)
  • Ganju (SR)
  • Yumichika (SR)
  • Dordoni (SR)
  • Gantenbainne (SR)
  • Cirucci (SR)
  • Chad (R)
  • Hanataro (R)
  • Ururu (R)
  • Jinta (R)
  • Rukia (R)

We've brought you a complete guide to the entire 2021 Bleach Eternal Soul tier list that's available for this hour for Bleach Eternal Soul.
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