The moment came when Guardians of Cloudia came out all over the world. We have you with a list of the best class of Guardians of Cloudia. Having mastered this information is the best way to start your journey in Guardians of Cloudia. There are 5 classes available in Guardians of Cloudia, each with its own specialization and role. In this guide, I will show you the best Claudia class Guardians.

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1 Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Tier List
1.1 1.) Archer
1.2 2.) Oracle
1.3 3.) Rouge
1.4 4.) Swordman
1.5 5.) Mage

Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Tier List

We will make our own assessment for absolutely every game class currently available. There are 5 classes available in the game now.

Here is a list of Guardians of Claudia Class Tier List of Best Class

  • Archer
  • Oracle
  • Rouge
  • Swordman
  • Mage

1.) Archer

Archer is a ranged player. He possesses sharp eyesight, strong will and powerful arrows. The archer can move freely in any environment and aim at any distance. Archer is the undisputed favorite of ranged combat.
The archer summons the Wind Vector every 12 seconds in combat. Vector of Wind will be used to improve the skill being used.

2) Oracle

Oracle has a high healing ability. For the safety of his comrades, he can summon powerful angels to punish enemies.
Through simple attacks, the Oracle randomly gains Holy Energy. Holy Energy: Used to enhance the effect of the next healing skill.

3.) Rouge

Rogue is a master of disguise and the most powerful shadow assassin. Rogue's skill is invisible, he appears from the shadows and disappears into the shadows.
The Rouge is awarded combo points from normal attacks. Using 1 combo point gives 1 combo. Combo: Increases Critical Strike Chance, can stack up to 5 times.

4.) Swordsman

The swordsman possesses many fighting skills, he is a born fighter. In his left hand he firmly grips the shield of faith, and in his right he holds the sword of justice.
The swordsman gains rage from normal attacks. Anger is activated when the rage is at its maximum. Anger: Increases damage dealt and decreases damage taken.

5.) Magе

The Magе does not let go of the magic wand. He strives for the truth of all things and turns the power of the elements into magic.
The Magе controls all magical power, increasing the damage done by 3%.

So, dear friends, this is all you need to know about the best Guardians of Cloudia classes.

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