Hello everyone, and we invite you to check out the Final Gear Tier List. This will be a complete overview of all available Final Gear SSR Pilots, SR Pilots, N Pilots in Final Gear. Getting familiar with the tier list is the best way to start your Final Gear journey. Our article brings you the 2021 Final Gear Tier List (Final Gear Pilot Tier List) and the best Final Gear characters.

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1 Final Gear Tier List 2021
2 Final Gear Poilat Tier List
3 Best Final Gear Characters List
4 Final Gear SSR Characters

Final Gear Tier List 2021

ere is a complete list of Final Gear Heavy Warrior Princess character ratings. Final Gear characters (pilots) are categorized according to their rarity. There are many character types available in the game, such as SSR character, SR character, R character, and N. In the guide you are currently reading, we will show you a list of the strongest Few Final Gear characters from level 0 to level 5.

Final Gear Poilat Tier List

  • Lillian – Tier 1
  • Shinji&Kaworu – Tier 1
  • Ray – Tier 1
  • Mali – Tier 1
  • Rengel – Tier 2
  • Kaworu – Tier 2
  • Asteria – Tier 2
  • Shikinami Asuka – Tier 2
  • Nova – Tier 2
  • Taisia – Tier 3
  • Makinami – Tier 3
  • Mirabelle – Tier 3
  • Minazuki – Tier 3
  • Snowy – Tier 3
  • Sumora – Tier 3
  • Polar – Tier 3
  • Soraru – Tier 4
  • Evelyn – Tier 4
  • Marglet – Tier 4
  • Viola – Tier 4
  • Afra – Tier 4
  • Rebellica – Tier 5
  • Aita – Tier 5
  • Charis – Tier 5
  • Cynthia – Tier 5

Best Final Gear Characters List

Here is a list of the best (but not all) Final Gear characters. We've only covered some of the best Final Gear SSR characters and the best Final Gear SR characters.
  • Shinji&Kaworu – SSR Tier
  • Ray – SSR Tier
  • Mali – SSR Tier
  • Evelyn – SR Tier

Final Gear SSR Characters

Shinji and Kaworu are SSR characters in Final Gear, type - bombing / Thanks to the specialized machine, the Self-buff and long-lasting debuff make it easy to use in any fight. You can also remove the buff from your opponent. You can double your attack for 10 seconds if you wake up with a lot of firepower.

Ray is an SSR character in Final Gear, type - combat: in a counterattack, a special vehicle deals huge damage proportional to its personal strength value. It can make you dizzy, which is good for PVP and boss fights.

Mali is an SSR character in Final Gear, sniper type: a unique vehicle is available. A villain with a heightened sense of morality. The character is good for PvP, as it gives the opponent a critical resistance debuff and prevents the opponent from using active skills.

Evelyn is a Final Gear character, combat type: uses specialized aircraft. The firepower increases due to the contraction or fall of the enemy's remaining strength. The talent has a limited range but great strength. A dedicated machine can be obtained locally and used for an extended period of time.
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