Best 2v2 Decks of 2021 | Best 2v2 Decks Quick Match Hello guys! Now we show you 10 interesting 2 for 2 decks of 2021 | The best 2v2 decks for a quick match. These decks work great in a quick 2v2 match and can also be used in stairs, so come visit us and check out the 10 Best 2v2 Decks of 2021 | Best 2v2 decks in quick play 2021.

1 Clash Royale Giant Prince Best 2v2 Decks 2021
2 Golem Baby Dragon Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021
3 Pekka Bridge Spam Best 2v2 Decks 2021
4 Golem Night Witch Best 2v2 Decks 2021
5 Three Musketeer Battle Ram Best 2v2 Decks 2021
6 Goblin Barrel Best 2v2 Decks 2021
7 Miner Poison Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021
8 Mega Knight Best 2v2 Decks 2021
9 Battle Ram Bandit Best 2v2 Decks 2021
10 Giant Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021
10.1 Mini Pekka Dark Prince Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Clash Royale Giant Prince Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Top 10 Best 2v2 Decks 2021 | Best 2v2 Decks Quick Match 2021

Usually no one wants to make the first move, if you are the same, wait a few seconds for 10 elixir and then answer. In the event that the opponent does not play a card by 2:42, this excludes his cyclic decks, so you can loop something.

Good starting cards are the mega minion, the dark prince, and the miner. Personally, we don't like to start with a miner if the opponent has a pump. If you start, play with him in a safe place until you are sure your opponent has no tornado. Continue reading "

Golem Baby Dragon Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021

To check which deck your opponent is playing, start the game with the Dark Prince.

NEVER, remember NEVER use the Golem at the start, as you will be easily punished. It has been said more than once that the best time to put the Golem behind is when you have just defended their victory condition with a positive elixir trade. The Baby Dragon and Megaminion can protect you from most attacks. Continue reading "

Pekka Bridge Spam Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Hello everyone !, Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019. Here and now I want to show you Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019 | Pekka Battle Ram Deck, Current Meta, July 2019, ThisPekka Bridge 2019 Spam Deck | The Pekka Battle Ram deck works great, which is why many professional players play this deck. Bridge spam basically always means deploying counter-troops. And thus continue reading "

Golem Night Witch Best 2v2 Decks 2021

With this deck in hand, you get an almost 100% win guarantee with arena 9 for the golem hunter deck. Your mega minion can defeat almost any melee defensive unit, and your little dragon can kill troops from a distance while your golem is tanking and damaging everything.

Three Musketeer Battle Ram Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Hello everyone! I hasten to report that the Three Musketeers Battle Ram Deck Arena 10+ SirPlumPit here is the most reliable deck in terms of consistency across all balance updates. Previously, this deck was used only for solving problems and received great success. Previously, this deck was much stronger (due to the overly aggressive meta and the fact that the pump cannot appear in your starting hand) but even now, when used correctly, it can defeat the most powerful opponents. Reading "

Goblin Barrel Best 2v2 Decks 2021

The Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ deck is a log bait management deck. Here you need to focus on two things: protection and pop-up cards. Your target is able to defend successfully while Zap is out of rotation or they hesitate to use it.

Do not forget that there will always be opponents who have counters for all your decoy units. Of course, this problem can be solved, but protection is key in such situations. Continue reading "

Miner Poison Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Basically, in this case, you need to wait until the enemy makes the first move. If you realize that you have a bad starting hand, you can go for a ride in the mine or split up a gang of goblins behind the king's tower. But the best solution is to let your opponent show you their moves.

The stove in the opening hand is a sign of good luck. Do not rush to make a move, wait until your opponent drops a ranged unit or an area damage unit (for example, a wizard, musket or valkyrie) in the back, place the furnace in the center, but one tile on the opposite lane. Continue reading "

Mega Knight Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Today I'm in a hurry to share with you an incredibly amazing Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck. We've played it already, and we can confidently say that it performs well in Grand Trials and Ladders. This arena 10 Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck is very good at continuing reading. "

Battle Ram Bandit Best 2v2 Decks 2021

This deck will give you the opportunity to face a lot of pecks paired with electric wizards and bats. And here's how you can beat them:
Place your hellish dragon at a safe enough distance. The further he is to create the elixir, the better for you.

When Pekka and Eviz are at the bridge, immediately throw the mega knight there. He should kill the Eviz if placed correctly, but if not. Continue reading "

Giant Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Giant Lumberjack Deck Hello guys Giant Lumberjack Deck , this Giant Lumberjack Deck helped me rank 2nd and 6th in a 200-player tournament. The Giant Lumberjack Challenge deck will help you get 12 permanent victories in the Grand Challenge. Continue reading "

Mini Pekka Dark Prince Best 2v2 Decks 2021

At the beginning of the game, literally in the first minutes, I launch Mini PEKKA and Lumberjack, and Prince and Dark Prince together in pairs. These two pairs + fire spirits will be destructive attacks as well as excellent protection. My strategy is to drop Mini Pekka first to lure out what they wouldn't play if she was going to defend. That way I can drop the Lumberjack and bring a little surprise.

In X2 Elixir, this deck is very versatile. She has the ability to push one track with all 4 lanes, or push both tracks simultaneously in two pairs. Also, this deck perfectly switches lanes against players with strong but slow defense (Furnace, Ice Wizard, defensive buildings). Continue reading

Hog Princess Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks 2021

Before getting into the details of the matches and how best to organize the battle, I will take some time to understand how best to use the Woodcutter in my deck. And also in general how best to use this card.

From my own experience, the biggest mistake with the Lumberjack is that they try to play it only offensively. They spend a lot of elixir to make the best use of her rage reduction, thereby putting themselves at a very disadvantage. Continue reading "

Knight Balloon Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks

The key to this Lumberjack Balloon Deck. First of all, find out the counters of your opponents. Maybe launch the lumberjack goblin thrust. Just poke and poke this deck. This is an aggressive deck that costs 3.4 elixir.

You can do cheap jerks that cannot be punished. Once you understand counters, predictions become key.

Furious or not, the horde can rip the loons to pieces. So triggering the prediction arrows can give him ~ 1-2 extra hits. Depends on what kind of Jedi you are. Continue reading "

Mega Knight Fisherman Lumberjack Best 2v2 Decks

The power of this deck is its protection. With cards like Mega Knight, Magic Archer, and Fisherman, you scan, remove most of the aftershocks, and create a deadly counterattack with Bandit and E Wiz.

This deck also features Infernal Dragon, which was the strongest card in the July meta 2019. You can use Hell Dragon to kill Big Tanks like Golem and Pekka. Continue reading "
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