I present to you today Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ Hello everyone, we are glad to see you! Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ and today we will take time to talk to you about the amazing Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+. After battling and winning the Fisherman Draft Challenge, I tried the Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ and went up to 5000+ trophies. This deck features the Hunter and the Royal Ghost, as well as Pekka and the Fisherman, so join in and check out the game guide.

Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Deck 2021
Pekka: In my humble opinion, one of the (or the best) defensive cards in the game. A good assassin tank and a great tank for the rest of the cards in this deck. She does a good job in kickback. What does it mean? With it, you can kill the boar, and then push with the Hunter or Skeleton Barrel! Pekka is the main enemy of your opponent's tanks, for example, Giant or Mega Knight. But Pekka is not omnipotent, she is easily distracted and killed by a detachment of the swarm.

Royal Ghost: 3 elixirs and he becomes invisible (a great way to protect yourself, by the way!). Deals area damage and even leaves large dents in the tower of the enemy arena. If he is behind Pekka, then he is protecting her from deadly land swarms such as goblins. Being invisible allows him to dodge and attack the deadly soldiers as they shoot Pekka.
Valkyrie is the second highest rated defensive card in this deck. It is very good to use it as a defense, and then, if necessary, translate it into a counterattack. Paired with the Hunter, it can disable the spray behind the tank.

Hunter: This card is very suitable for 4 elixir, it has a lot of health and can really destroy Mini P.E.K.K.A. The Hunter is a very powerful defensive beast and can kill most units, but you must use this card to support your Pekka.

Fireball: This card is very good to play both offensively and defensively. In the attack, he will remove the Horde of minions and cause serious damage to the anti-aircraft troops. They can be paired with the Log to take out the Three Musketeers before they do heavy damage.

Fisherman: This map came out again in Meta in Season 13. It will be used by all Grand Challenge players following a massive boost in the 2020 Update.
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Best winning card combinations

Offensive Combinations

Pekka + Skeleton Barrel
Pekka + Hunter
Valkyrie + Skeleton Barrel

Defensive Combinations

Valkyrie + Hunter
Pekka + Hunter

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