Hey! Next in line is the new Royal Hog Earthquake deck with electro-spirit and hunter. The Royal Hog Earthquake 2021 deck is used by the world's top 5 ladder players, and the Royal Hog deck is very suitable for Arena 12 players.

The royal boars remained strong guys for several months. This is why many professional players have played Royal Hogs with Electro Spirit, Mini Pekka, and Magic Archer. We invite you to read the guide and get to know Electro Spirit Magic Archer Royal Hog Earthquake Deck 2021.

1 Royal Hog Earthquake Deck 2021
2 Royal Hog Earthquake Deck 2021

Deck Royal Hog Earthquake 2021

Mini Pekka: Mini Pekka is your main defense against tanks, as well as a bridge for spam units, she does a good job with battle rams, boar rider, etc. She can also counterattack. If your opponent has few ground units or swarm cards, use it to attack. It is very important that Mini-Pekka must remain alive at any cost, without it you will not have protection, so take care of it. Mini-Pekka can kill Musketeers, Wizards, and Electric Wizards in one shot. She also has excellent protection against RG, Ebarbs and Hog, can only miss a couple of shots.

Earthquake: The Earthquake card costs 3 Elixirs and is much more useful than Rage. Earthquake deals 400% more damage to buildings. A great way to destroy buildings, like the Cannon and the Furnace, for positive elixir trading. If the enemy has a Bomb Tower, use Earthquake + Royal Boar.
Royal boars: Royal boars have a couple of surprises for you - electronic thorns and boars. These four cards will be your main source of tower damage in most matches. You can't just spam them on the bridge, it's important to make sure their key tokens are out of the loop or you have units ready to deal with them, like how an earthquake deals with a tower. In a single elixir, royal boars can be used for counter-pushing, but in a double elixir, it is good to throw them to put pressure on the opposite lane or even split-push.

Magic Archer: The Magic Archer is created to support the Royal Hog and Pekka's Minigun after a successful defense. The key to a great game is formation. The Magic Archer can do you a lot of good with the elixir, and placing it right will give you a huge head start, especially if you can chop off their tower, damaging their units.

Ice Golem: Basically it is a glass tank inside the deck, it can kill bats and skeletons with its ice star. The Ice Golem can also be used to kite units like Pekka, the prince, the ghost, or any of the dragons to the opposite lane, away from your princess towers. It will help distract enemy troops and keep your magic archer or hunter alive on the defensive.

Hunter: The Hunter is mainly used for defense, but also for destroying tanks or other units, such as a balloon rider or boar. To prolong the life of the Hunter, take an ice golem or a spirit of healing, they will help him last longer. Also, the Hunter can be used in a return thrust, but it will again be a support card.

Electro Spirit: Electro Spirit Spirit is the best card for 1 elixir, it works very well with Royal Hogs and you can use Electro Spirit in defense with Mini Pekka.

Log: self-explanatory

Royal Hog Earthquake Deck 2021

Clash Royale Magic Archer Royal Hog Earthquake 2021 deck won a 53.1% win rate. In it, the Hunter and Mini Pekka are two excellent defensive units. They are capable of defeating Pig Riders, Ram Riders, Giants, Golems and Electro Spirit. Cyclic card, but it is also a great support card for boars, magic archer or hunter.

Earthquake is a great support card, can be used against the enemy in case they have a building like a bomb tower to kite your royal pigs. You know that mostly Earthquake is used in a double elixir, then you can get a good spell value.

At the beginning of the game, it will be quite easy to passively and profitably trade the elixir in defense. Later, you will find out what units your opponent has that can resist your royal pigs. You can split Royal Hogs on the river and apply two-lane pressure.

Later, you can increase the aggressiveness of the game. Press constantly on your opponent with Royal Hogs + Mini Pekka or Royal Hogs + Electro Spirit.

The Magic Archer Royal Hog Earthquake Deck Arena 12+ deck is suitable for duels against all decoy decks. In the event that your opponent shoots / logs / arrows at some cards, you always have other cards in stock that will be of great value.
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