Hello everyone! Today you will discover the 5 best Rush Royale cards and decks for F2P. We really hope you can win even more matches in Rush Royale and easily top up your trophies by playing with these 5 cards and the best Rush Royale decks. But this is all provided that you do everything right. For such a case, we have prepared a small game guide.

When it comes to maps in Rush Royale, many people think that Legendary cards are needed to win Rush Royale matches. Just because legendary cards are more powerful. Yes, they are much stronger, that's true, but the point is that legendary cards are not necessary to win matches. There are many alternatives like Engineer, Bombardier, Vampire, Sentry, Wind Archer, Thunderer, Crystalmanser, Plague Doctor, etc.

Getting down to business, in this article we will share the 5 best Rush Royale cards and best decks for F2P in Rush Royale, picking the very best possible. Also read here: Rush Royale 2021 Promo Codes | Free emotes Rush Royale

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Rush Royale Tier List – Best Cards for Rush Royale Decks
F2P Rush Royale Deck for 4k trophies ( No Legendary Cards )

1 Top 5 Best Rush Royale Best Cards List
2 Tips for this Rush Royale Engineer Deck

Top 5 Best Best Rush Royale Cards

Plague Doctor
All of these 5 cards can be found in chests or bought for gold in the store.

Top 5 Rush Royale Best Cards & Best Decks for F2P

The Engineer is an epic map in Rush Royale and can be unlocked for 900 trophies on the trophy road. This is the perfect DPS card in the game and everyone uses this card for 1250 to 2000 trophies.

If you are playing in Arena 5 or higher, the Engineer must be in your deck. This card is in the top list of Rush Royale. The Engineer is a great map for Arena 7 and Arena 8 players.

2. Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor is, like the Engineer, an epic map in Rush Royale. It can be unlocked for 1,850 trophies from the trophy road. This map does a great job in PvP mode, but not very well in Coupe.

Plague Doctor's action is very similar to Poison, it deals damage to all monsters passing through it, it is mainly the area of ​​damage of the card. The Plague Doctor is a powerful fighter who charges at the first enemy he sees. The targets are infected with his attacks. Upon death, they leave behind a cloud that damages everyone who passes through it. With each rank of the merge, the damage of the cloud increases.

Rush Royale Plague Doctor 2021 Decks

  • Plague Doctor, Engineer, Gatekeeper, Vampire, Bomber

3. Bombardier

Bombardier is a simple map in Rush Royale that can be unlocked for 1,650 trophies from the trophy road. Bombardier is the best card of the Cooperative, he will help you at every stage of the game. Bombardier has the ability to stun boss or monsters.

Bombardier - useful as an auxiliary card if you already have a legendary Inquisitor card in your card collection.

The Bombardier damage is next - it targets the first unit in the wave, then once the first unit is stunned, it targets the NEXT unit in the wave. Bombardier can help you kill Bedlam BEFORE he has a chance to ruin your board.

4. Vampire

The Vampire is another epic card in Rush Royale that can be unlocked in Arena 5. The Vampire bites the target and gives you mana, this card will be very useful for your buff. Vampire is probably the best Rush Royale map for Arena 7 and Arena 8 players.

At the final level, the Vampire can generate 10 mana.
5. Sniper

Sniper is one of the rare maps that can be unlocked for 1,750 trophies from the trophy road, Sniper is a great choice for F2P.

At maximum level, the Sniper deals huge damage. It can be used in both PvP and co-op. In the event that you use a sniper in your deck, remember that he only attacks monsters with maximum health.

Sniper is a good card for Arena 4, Arena 5 players.
6. Sentry
The Sentinel is another rare unit that attacks the first target. With each step, the Sentinel's damage gradually increases by 10% to its maximum. As a damaged unit, fusion rank only increases attack speed by: attack speed / fusion rank. For example, a rank 3 merge is three times faster than a rank 1 merge.

The best deck for newcomers to Rush Royale

If you are just starting the game and are still in arena 2 or 3, we suggest playing with the Archer / Poisoner / Lightning Mage / Fire Mage / Ice Mage deck. For beginners and early level players, this deck is very well suited.
If you have an Engineer in your collection, it can be easily replaced with Poisoner.

Rush Royale Vampire Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck

Vampire: A little advice for beginners. At the start of the game, you are good to have either 2 level 1 vampires or 1 level 2 vampire. Also, make sure you have at least 1 fanatic before leveling up a vampire. The vampire has the ability to fantastically speed up mana, thereby helping to speed up the deck and strengthening the fanatic. Continue reading "

Rush Royale Engineer Deck without Legendary Cards for Mid Arena Players.

Small guidelines for this Rush Royale Engineer deck:
Use only one Portal Keeper per field. They do not do much damage by themselves, their only purpose is to connect engineers to each other.

You do not need to level up (in the game) the Portal Keeper, this action does not increase its damage in any way, and it does not belong to the type of damage.

The priority of increasing the level in the game should be given to the chemist and the engineer, thereby receiving more damage and reduced armor.
Don't panic, merge! If you notice that enemies are interrupting you, first choose to unite the units of the Portal Keeper and the units of the vampires, since they do not do much damage. Continue reading "

So, in summary, what can you say about the list of the best Rush Royale cards? Stay tuned to clashdir.com, stay tuned, and learn more about Rush Royale. Also see below: Rush Royale 2021 Promo Codes | Free emotes Rush Royale

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