Hello everyone! Giant Lumberjack Deck 2019 This Giant Lumberjack Deck 2019 helped me to be 2nd and 6th in a 200 person tournament. This is a Giant Lumberjack Challenge deck that will give you the opportunity to win 12 consecutive victories in the Grand Challenge. We'd be glad if our game guide is helpful to you.

Clash Royale Giant Lumberjack Deck Arena 9

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The role of the card in the Giant Lumberjack 2020 deck:

1.) Lumberjack is one of the most powerful cards today. The Lumberjack is an ideal candidate for defending against troops like the miner, or even stronger cards like the giant (if you have enough time). If he is on your defense and you have an extra elixir, try to combine him with a musketeer and an ice spirit. This will make it possible to inflict some damage to the towers before doubling the elixir. The Lumberjack's swing speed is very high and his movement speed is very high. This means that your opponent will have to think quickly if he wants to defend. The above, combined with the Lumberjack's deadly rage, can make some really great combinations!

2.) Giant - The Giant is now the best tank in the game. Don't play Giant down until 2x elixir unless you have 2 pumps. When you place it, place it in the back behind your king's tower. The giant can be used defensively as a meat shield, but this is a bad idea. Basically, the battle tactics will be like this - save 5 elixirs and let your opponent take 1 tower. These 5 elixirs will hunt your opponent in a 2x elixir that this deck destroys.

3.) Poison - Use poison to defend up to 2x elixir, and after attack. It is the strongest counter to other giant poisonous attacks. If I meet an enemy who also works with epump, I will use poison on his epump for the first 2 minutes, then I can switch to my epump. This is the key to taking out your opponent's small troops during your main dash, because this deck has little splash damage.

4.) Musketeer - In the first 2 minutes you can do mini-shocks to switch to epump. These mini thrusts include Lumberjack, Musketeer, and Ice Spirit. If your opponent cannot resist during this time, he will blow the tower with one push, even up to 2x elixir.

5.) Guards - these guys are the main defenders from the minipack and the miner, who became even easier to resist when the time of his appearance again is 1 s. It is good to use guards on the defensive in the first 2 minutes of the game. When you have accumulated 2x elixir, you can place them on the bridge, before your giant is about to cross, they will protect the giant from the infernal towers and mini-peck. The guards are great at protecting the musketeer too! They have another remarkable property - the length of their copies. This virtue allows them to easily defend against the Valkyries, attacking from a safe distance if she is attached to another unit.

6.) Ice Spirit is a must-use supercard to get to epump faster! This kid is also a key player in the mini-cannon trio (Lumberjack, Musketeer, Ice Spirit). This mini-push occurs by defending by either a musketeer or a lumberjack and then dropping another when they are about to cross the bridge. Players often try to counter him with Mini Pekka or Valkyrie. If Ice Spirit is dropped in time (right before your opponent drops a defense card) it will freeze whatever it chooses to defend and the Musketeer and Lumberjack will pull it out before it unfreezes. I often get caught off guard with this combination and destroy the tower with these cards, because they don't have an elixir to defend! This works great when you are doing the main dash with the giant. It is almost impossible to stop or prevent it!

7.) Zap - Yes, it was made a lot weaker, but it's still a great and very important card in this deck. You need Zap as another cycle card and as protection from the push of the pigs. Kill the supporting troops and toss the guards to kill the boar rider (or lumberjack and get ready for a little push)

8.) Elixir pump - the first 2 minutes of the fight, your goal should be to destroy as many of these things as possible and protect them with all your enthusiasm! Use guards and lumberjacks to defend against the miners, and position the pumps so that they are not visible to the fireball or poison. "
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Defending Guide

Pig Deck - playing with this deck it will not be difficult to deal with pigs. Abandon the support troops and destroy the Hog with the help of the guardsmen or lumberjacks. Counterattack with the Lumberjack + Musketeer + Ice Spirit combo if you defended only with the Lumberjack. Most likely you will take damage to your tower with this defense, or even lose it due to a good boar player. Don't worry, everything is under control. You will get everything back after 2x elixir and 3 crowns! 🙂

Hog Trifecta Decks are the key to protecting Hog Trifecta by consuming poison wisely. If the musketeer is thrown to the same side of the epamp, it would be good to poison him. If you don't, you will want to use the poison for protection along with the musketeer, lumberjack, ice spirit and guards (depending on what you have on hand). Again, it's okay if they take the crown up to 2x. You will get everything back after 2x Elixir, but make sure you use Ice Spirit in time with Mask and LJ so that their Valk doesn't ruin your attack.

Giant Poison Decks - Poison is a key protector here again. Use it to clear out support troops. Use the lumberjack and musketeer to destroy the giant and support troops. If one of their support squads is Mini-Pekka, you can place guards in the center or at the top of the map so that opponents cannot poison your tower and your guards. Make sure you are the last one to drop the giant after 2x elixir. This will allow you to protect the push and resist it with an even stronger push. If possible, after my giant is almost dead, throw a new one, and the enemy can do nothing but give me his tower.

Giant Bowler Decks are the toughest opponents. In a 200 player tournament, the 4/5 players who beat me had a bowler in their deck. To be honest, I rarely encountered a bowler, so I could not optimally place my troops.

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