Hello everyone! We are glad to meet you! Today we'll talk about the Double Prince Giant Fisherman deck, which will give you the opportunity to get a lot of trophies. The Giant Fisherman deck is built for arena 10+ plays great for ladder matches. There are many options here, Double Prince makes this deck more powerful and new. The new Fisherman map is an awesome map, so stop by and check out the guide.

Clash Royale Double Prince Giant Fisherman Deck 2021
1 Double Prince Giant Fisherman Deck Card Role:
1.1 Gameplan

Double Prince Giant Fisherman Deck Card Role

The Giant is your main tank.

It can be used in the back to slow down the throw when pushing if you have the elixir advantage or your opponent has just used their main tank killer. (P.E.K.K.A., Inferno Tower, etc.)

Giant is ideal to play against Princes, support squads, but you can play him with any squad in this deck and come up with a very powerful push.
These guys play great with any of your tanks, they provide air defense by destroying swarms while also allowing them to deal massive damage.

Minions are a great card to defend. With it, it becomes possible to destroy tanks and protect aviation units. These guys are great for this deck.

Fisherman -Ranged attack can pull enemies towards itself and pull itself towards enemy buildings. He also mastered the ancient art of "slapping a fish". This card is great to use to support your giant and you can activate it with the King Tower card.
Prince - Counter-push is the name of the card game. Since it got the buff it has become very popular and has been paired with tanks ever since. Now you don't have to worry about countless threats!

This card is great for defensive use. For support and care of heavy tanks, place it behind the tank. Let him take care of the supports and then go to the tank and destroy him easily.

The Dark Prince is a fairly moderate card, with no good card to stop him, he will most likely reach the tower.

An absurd counter-card for cards like Battle Ram, Goblin Gang, Barbarians and many others. Unlike Valkyrie, he does not always have 360 ​​AoE damage, but is nevertheless an excellent defensive card due to its speed, shield and AoE damage, which allows him to be more versatile than his fellow Prince.

After a semi-resentful buff, the Dark Prince is good, this deck makes him shine on attack, for a powerful push when paired with a Giant or Prince.

Game plan:

The Giant can be met with the Double Prince. This deck, when handled correctly, gives absolute resistance to monsters. In this deck, the Prince and the Dark Prince can be used as a second option against the Hog and tanks in defense. Anyway, if you're having trouble, you can use the Giant to tank some damage in defense.
When it comes to spells, we have Fireball, which will help you fish in the tower when the tower is low on health. Use it wisely, Zap can be used to kill like skeletons and bats army.

Thanks for reading our guide for Prince Giant Fisherman Deck Arena 10+! All comments and questions can be left in the comments section. Until next time!