Hello everyone! The second Clash Royale Season 19 Global Tournament kicks off on January 28, 2021. Read the post below to find out which deck will give you the opportunity to win the Arena in the 2021 Clash Royale and the Season 19 Global Tour. The Global Tournament will take place in normal combat mode, where you can earn tokens.

Let's jump straight to our list of the top ten Clash Royale tournament decks for January 2021 (Season 19).


1 Best Global Tournament Deck 2021 Electro Giant
1.1 Skeleton Dragons best tournament decks clash royale 2021

Best Global Tournament Deck 2021 Electro Giant

Top 10 Best Clash Royale Tournament Deck 2021

The Mini Pekka Sparky Electro Giant deck is great for Arena 11 players, and if used correctly by the Clash Royale Mini Pekka Sparky Electro Giant, you can reach Arena 13 with ease.

In the initial game, you can start the match with Heal Spirit and activate the King's Tower as early as possible with the Tornado to help you defend the rest of the match. Against beat down, play on the same track again with Electro.Continue Reading »

Skeleton Dragons best tournament decks clash royale 2021

This Giant Dragon Skeleton deck is suitable for playing against all baited decks. If your opponent scores / shoots certain cards, you will have other beneficial cards in your deck. If opponents are using a fireball on your Hunter, you can make a huge dash with Giant + Night Witch + Dragon Skeletons. Continue reading "

Mini Pekka Magic Archer Clash Royale Tournament Deck 2021 Season 19

This Royal Hogs Mini Pekka Magic Archer Royal Delivery Deck has a 57.1% win rate. This is a cyclic deck, but it has Blitz Components - Royal Boars, and Chip Components - Ice Spirit and Skeletons with Mini Pekka.

At the very beginning of the game, it is quite passive and profitable to trade the elixir in defense, until you find out what units the enemy has, with which he can resist your royal pigs. You can share "Continue Reading"
Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Best Clash Royale Top Tournament Deck 2021
Pekka: The best (I'm not afraid of this word) defensive card in the game. An excellent killer tank and a good tank for the rest of the cards in the deck. Pekka is very good at pushing back, which means you can kill a boar with it and then push with a Hunter or Skeleton Barrel! She is also the main enemy of your opponent's tanks, for example Giant or Mega Knight. Don't expect too much from her, as Pekka is known to be easily distracted and killed by swarms. Continue reading "

Hunter Golem Best Best Global Tournament Deck 2021

If your opponent starts the fight with a Giant, Pekka or any other tank behind the royal tower, it is a good decision to place your golem to absorb the damage on the same lane. You can then use Hunter + Mega Minion to quickly kill the Giant or any other tank. If the Golem is still alive, make a counterattack with the help of the Fisherman and the Dark Prince.
Since the Dark Prince + Megaminion or the Hunter do an excellent job with the Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, Sparky. Continue reading "

Elixir Golem Heal Spirit Clash Royale Best Global Tournament Deck 2021

A small recommendation at the beginning of the game - with the help of the Tornado, try to activate your royal tower as early as possible. This matters if you have a deck of riders, baits and graveyards against you, then you still need to wait until the enemy makes the first move.

Don't forget about defense for one elixir and try to figure out which deck your opponent is playing.

You can play Elixir Golem behind your royal tower and combine Elixir Golem with Battle Healer and Skeleton Dragon or Electro Dragon. Continue reading "

Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Rocket Triple elixir battle Deck 2021

This Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ deck is a log bait management deck, you need to focus on things like defense and pop up cards. Your target is able to successfully defend, taking their Zap out of rotation or making them hesitate to use it.

It should also be remembered that there will be opponents who have counters for all your decoy units. There are still ways to work around this problem, but protection is the main point in such situations. Continue reading "
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