Friends, hello everyone! Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer Deck 2020 prepares big challenges and grand tournaments for you. Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer Deck 2020 is very popular at Arena12 +.This Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer Deck 2020 has a great working synergy between a hunter and three musketeers. Against your hunter, the enemy will often use their heavy spell. This will then allow you to play with three Musketeers. The Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer deck is great for F2P, so we invite you to play, and before that, check out the manual for the game.

Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer Deck 2020:

Royal Boars:

Royal Boars are your main chance to win! Use them to maintain tension throughout the match. By doing so, force your opponent to defend, not attack. You can always go back to these guys and fight back other squads if you have the opportunity. Remember that you can use the boars to push from the split lane if your opponent has two or three chips against the royal pigs. To support the royal boars, prepare spells, for example, a double elixir. The best card to support these guys is Spirit Healing.

The Three Musketeers:

The Three Musketeers take some getting used to, especially if you've never played with them before. It's generally good to keep them apart, unless you're playing against another deck of 3 Musketeers with no heavy spells. A team of three musketeers will give you the ability to smash tanks or air forces. Separating them is highly recommended, unless it is a late game and you are confident that the enemy does not have heavy spells such as fireball, lightning, or rocket.


This card can be the most valuable player in almost any battle. All you have to do is find the right balance of where to place the Hunter in order to get the maximum value. This card is a reliable opponent of all tanks, and its splash strike destroys entire swarm units. You can protect the Hunter using Ice Golem to protect against the blows of strong units (Pekka, prince). He's also a good foe for Pig Rider and Graveyard!

Barbarian Barrel:

The new popular Barbaric Barrel can be used to clear an alley before striking and add an extra barbarian to your battle ram attack.

Spirit of Healing:

One of the most popular cards in the game today. For one elixir, this card can be used to support your royal boars. This will give them the opportunity to deliver more additional hits on the towers of the opposing princesses. It can also be used to support the hunter, this will allow you to use a counterattack.

Ice Golem:

Ice Golem. Mini tank / protective meat shield. The Ice Golem has a very simple goal. He must guard your cards, no matter defensively or offensively. This is a very valuable card and should never be replaced.


Fireball does instant damage, which is good to use against hordes of minions, can knock back, works well against pigs and balloons.

Dark Prince:

A very versatile card in this deck. For 4 elixirs, it will resist any soft troops, handles thorns / regular thorns with ease, and deals enough damage per second to destroy a tank. If he has enough charge when he attacks defensively, he will have more health to counterattack. In this case, put it in the back. The Dark Prince's shield makes him immune to spells, making it difficult to fight him when in defense. The dark prince can also attack, and can deal serious damage with a couple of hits.

Hunter Royal Hogs 3 Musketeer Deck 2020 game plan:

One of my favorite things about this deck is its ability to apply pressure on both lanes with the royal pigs. After a successful defense, if you have any surviving troops on the same line, you can split the pigs on the bridge to put pressure on both lines.

The Hunter is your main defensive weapon against tanks, balloons, boar rider, etc., He is weak against musketeers or magic archer.

Ice Golem, Healing Spirit, and Barbarian Barrel are three cycle cards that you can switch to the key units you need to defend yourself, such as the Lava Hound Hunter, etc.

You can also use these cards to keep up the tension with the Royal Pigs in a match. You will also have the option to get aggressive with the Three Musketeers if you can bypass cyclic units like Pekka, Mega Knight, or their heavy spells like Fireball and Lightning.

That's all for now. We will be glad if our guide was useful to you.