Guys, everyone is a huge hello! The moment has come when we have a better guide for Rush Royale shamans, "How to Counter a Shaman in Rush Royale" and "How to Play a Shaman in Rush Royale". This shaman guide is posted by u / GCBoii on Reddit. We have personally witnessed how many players became disenchanted with Shaman decks in Rush Royale and looked for different ways to defeat Shaman in Rush Royale. Our main goal is to check out this complete guide to shamans.
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How to Play & Counter Shaman in Rush Royale (Shaman Guide)

1 How to Play Shaman in Rush Royale ( Full Shaman Guide )
1.1 How to Counter Shaman in Rush Royale

How to Play Shaman in Rush Royale ( Full Shaman Guide )

I will briefly describe my progress in RushRoyale: I started playing F2P from season 1 and played a decent amount of hours in Random dice (a similar game). In the first few seasons, I collected over 7,000 trophies, but interest disappeared after a couple of hundred games against bots.

The current guide to Rush Royale Shamans:

My personal observation in the game is that the shaman can be played in two completely opposite ways. Aggressive / brick shaman or shaman of value. In my opinion, the shaman of value is undoubtedly the best.

According to my personal observations, 85% of all players play in the aggressive / brick shaman way. The bottom line is that whenever there are two shamans on the board, there is an instant merge. Nobody says that this is a bad strategy in the game. In the early stages of the game, she is very strong. For example, if you are playing against an Inquisitor (who often only has one unit to deal early damage). The problem with this strategy is that often your opponent doesn't mind merging, and your shamanic attack won't affect him in any way.

there are a couple of examples
In example 1:

Here I can unite my shamans, but always before such a move I check my opponent's board. In this scenario, whetstone / bombardier hit = merges and avoids my shaman attack without any loss.

The same is with the defeat of rank 1 thunders.

Looking at all this, I only have ONE target that I want to hit out of 9, and my intuition tells me that I will not hit it ... 27 seconds later we are already here:

Example 1 continued

It can be clearly seen here, I have not merged with the latter, and I still will not see that it has only one target that I have to hit. I am currently winning (my 3-star thunderbolt is good) and if my opponent doesn't get the same 3-star thunderbolt he will lose.

I just have to wait for him to get more targets for me (since I don't need to combine anything before he does it)

Shaman's value:

When playing as a shaman, you don't have to worry about what you hit or when you hit. What's really important is hitting well to give him -1 rank / tower. Therefore, boards with different units and different ranks are very good for shaman attacks.

The opposite tactic is to amass shamans and launch a coordinated attack, such as six shamans, so that your opponent doesn't have time to unite everyone. Value Shaman is a late game deck and I win most of my games simply by having more damage due to more ranks and more towers.

Here's an example of what victory might look like to the expert shaman:

Example 2

Here I do not unite, since the opponent is definitely waiting for my shamanic attack. I also save my harlequin for the summoner as I just want to build my own board. Here I know for sure that it will merge before me, since I am winning. If I had a rank 1 thunderbolt, and he had a rank 2 thunderbolt, I could unite the shamans in one moment, and then try to hit the rank 2 thunderer.

Some time later, the game looked like this:

As you can see, my enemy and I have Summoner, Mime and Harlequin in our decks. This means that we have the same number of ranks on our towers (the same cost increment). The only difference is that I play as a shaman and therefore remove value from his board. It turns out that he has a total rank of 22 on his towers, and I have 41 rank. I have twice as much of it, in this game I was very patient and tried to get me to hit all my shamanic attacks.

How to counter a shaman in Rush Royale

The game against the shaman

The first thing to do is to be patient. The essence of this game is to create the strongest board without teaming up.

If this is not possible, then you obviously need to merge. This must be done wisely too - to combine the minimum amount needed to get a stronger board than your opponent.

One final important note in this tutorial:

The shaman hits higher ranked towers harder! If you are against a shaman, you need to avoid tier 4+ towers, since a shaman attacking your tier 4 towers definitely means losing a tier 3 tower (it takes two tier 3 towers to create a tier 4).

Thus, in the late game, keep the table full to minimize the risk of the shaman hitting your higher tier towers (do not combine tier 4 towers to avoid the shaman attack, this is too risky).

This is all, if very short ... If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Feel free to ask anything about the shaman, or any other question about the game.


Shaman Play: Be patient with your shamanic plums to ensure they hit.

Playing against the shaman: be patient with your merges so you have multiple towers of the same rank so you can avoid the shaman's attacks by merging.

This is all, if very short ... If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Feel free to ask anything about the Shaman, or any other question about the game. Now I hope you can all confront the Shaman in the Rush Royale and Rush Royale Royale Trials events.
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