Hello everyone! Here we show you and tell you about the Best Fisherman Deck of 2021. The Best Fisherman Deck of 2021 is made for Grand Challenges and Tournaments, and this deck will help you win the Grand Challenge. All professional Clash Royale players use these decks, so here's the Best Fisherman Deck of 2021.


1 1.) Baby Dragon Pekka Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021
1.1 2.) Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck 2021 for Grand Challenges
1.1.1 3.) Golem Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021 4.) Giant Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021
2 10.) Mortar Hog Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck

1.) Baby Dragon Pekka Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

Top 11 Best Fisherman Deck 2021 For Arena 6 to Arena 13

This deck requires patience because it contains the average cost of the elixir. Your goal in This Baby Dragon Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ is to keep the defense, and to benefit from the surviving troops, using them in a counterattack against the graveyard.

2.) Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck 2021 for Grand Challenges

A very good start to the game with the Hunter, even if you don't have him, you need to try to get to him on a bike or launch the Giant Goblin from the back.

If he uses the Inferno Tower to counter the Giant Goblin, do not use the Giant Goblin before the Double Elixir, because Goblin + Lighting is expensive. Get into the game very slowly and focus on making positive deals with the Elixir.

A very important nuance! The play style of this deck changes depending on the play style of the enemy deck. If you are playing against a slow and heavy deck, this deck will play more aggressively in order to continue to put pressure on your opponent so that he cannot create a powerful push. Continue reading "

3.) Golem Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

For this deck, the advice is this. If the opponent starts the game with a Giant, Pekka or any other tank behind the royal tower, you can put your golem to absorb damage on the same lane. Then use Hunter + Mega Minion to quickly kill the Giant or any other tank. If the Golem is still alive, I counterattack with the help of the Fisherman and the Dark Prince.

The secret is that the Dark Prince + Mega Minion or Hunter can easily cope with the Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, Sparky ...

If your enemy is using Miner to damage the chip, you can use skeletons to deal with the Miner. Continue reading "

4.) Giant Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

The giant can be met with the Double Prince. This unique deck, when used correctly, can provide absolute opposition to monsters. In this deck, the Prince and the Dark Prince can be used as a fallback against the Hog and tanks in defense. But if you're having trouble, you can use the Giant anyway to tank some damage in defense.

5.) Mega Knight Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

The strength of this deck is its defensive ability. With Mega Knight, Magic Archer, and Fisherman, you scan, dampen most shocks and create a deadly counter attack with Bandit and E Wiz.

This deck has a very strong card, Infernal Dragon, which was very popular in the July 2019 meta. You can use Infernal Dragon to kill Golem and Pekk.

It is also a good idea to consider that there are many giants and golems in the meta, so P.E.K.K.A will easily counter these tanks with the help of the Magic Archer. He can shoot straight through all troops, and if the enemy is using a Goblin barrel or any bait deck, you have a journal

6.) Miner Balloon Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

Before you start playing, the first thing to do is to find out what deck your opponent is playing and what his chips are for your balloon.

You do not need to use all your strength to the maximum right away, it is better to start small with an ice golem and a balloon on the bridge.

Respond to the opponent's counter with a miner or a snowball, respectively. Continue reading "

7.) Bowler Battle Ram Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

Once you start playing this Bowler Battle Ram Fisherman Deck Arena 11+ on the defensive, you just have to defend yourself and let the game kick in.

If you suddenly make a ridiculous deal, you can resist the attack with your battle ram and fisherman. The main advice is to first just defend yourself with auxiliary cards. For example Muscatter, Bowler, Fisherman and Princess, be patient and don't take any drastic steps. Continue reading "

8.) Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

Pekka: One of (but probably still the best) defensive card in the game. A super killer tank and a great tank for the rest of the cards in this deck. She works very well in the kickback. This means that you can kill the boar with this card and then push with the Hunter or Skeleton Barrel! Also, Pekka is the main enemy of your opponent's tanks, such as the Giant or Mega Knight. But of course she also has weak points. Too bad, but Pekka is easily distracted and killed by swarms. Continue reading "

9.) Baby Dragon Golem Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

The course of the game with this deck is very simple, but sometimes it needs and can be adjusted depending on which deck you are playing against. The first thing in this game is defense, then try to push the Golem away. Important advice! NEVER use a Golem as a starting hand, as you will be easily beaten. It has already been mentioned here more than once that it is best to go with the Golem behind your back - when you have just defended its victory condition with a positive elixir trade. Continue reading "

10.) Mortar Hog Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck

In short, if you describe the style of play of this Hog Fisherman deck for Arena 10+ - attack and defense. If you imitate your opponent's style of play, you will surely lose. But there are exceptions to this rule! Control decks, there you have to be more patient. A distinctive feature of this deck is that each card is universal. Continue reading "

11.) Bowler Fisherman Grand Challenge Deck 2021

The main purpose of this deck is defense. At the very beginning, use a bowler and other defensive cards (bowler, musketeer, fisherman) to stop the enemy's attacks. The next step is to counterattack with your battle ram and goblin dart. The Princess and the goblin dart can also help in the attack, they will easily repel the minions from the Horde. Continue reading "