Hello everyone who is with us. In this article, we will share a complete guide to using Rush Royale Ivy. We'll cover the Rush Royale Ivy deck, attack speeds, available abilities, and more. In the updated 7.1 Rush Royale, the authors of Rush Royale introduced Ivy along with Gargoyle maps and other exciting features.
Let's not linger, let's rather learn how to play Ivy in Rush Royale.


1 Rush Royale Ivy deck
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3.1 Boreas Shaman Ivy Deck

Rush Royale Ivy deck

The ivy deck is a great choice for entry-level players. It's very easy to win with an ivy deck. The deck has only 1 legendary card. Ivy Drops seeds that deal damage over time. The damage can be increased by using the poisonous flower of the monster.
When an enemy is defeated, its flower explodes, poisoning nearby monsters and dealing damage based on the maximum number of poisonous flowers on the monster.
There are Thunders and Crystalmancer to defeat the bosses, and the Frost card will help slow down the enemy monster. Phone Cat, a YouTube blogger, also used the Rush Royale ivy deck.

Rush Royale Ivy Guide

  • Unit type: debuff

  • Faction: Forest Alliance

  • Goal: Maximum Health

Ivy's weapon is the seeds with which it infects opponents, aiming as much as possible at the enemy with the greatest health. The seeds from time to time inflict damage to the enemy, with each subsequent blow of Ivy, the damage increases.
Ivy finds a new target as soon as the maximum number of seeds is collected. When an infected enemy dies, it explodes, poisoning nearby monsters and dealing damage proportional to the level of infection.
It is very useful to have several ivy at the same time, it will destroy opponents and weaken the mini-bosses. When the enemy is poisoned, your main DPS pawn can easily deal with it.
Ivy will always attack the target with maximum health. Ivy changes if the target is already infected with 40 seeds. Ivy infects the target with poisonous seeds. A toxin enters the action, which causes damage with constant regularity. Each monster seed increases the damage it deals. The maximum total number of seeds is 40. No exposure to toxins. It will expire over time, but it can also be neutralized. Ivy, in addition to infecting monsters with his poison, causes them to explode when they die. Explosion damage increases with the number of seeds on the monster.

Rush Royale Ivy deck

  • Archer

  • Lvy

  • Ice mage

  • Vampire

  • Plague Doctor

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Boreas Shaman Ivy Deck

  • Ivy

  • Shaman (Monster)

  • Pantomime

  • Borey

  • Harlequin

This is all the complete information we have about Rush Royale Ivy. We are constantly updating this page, adding more Rush Royale Ivy decks in the future.

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