On our page we will tell you about the game Hooper Hooper, how you can get free Robux in Hopper Hopper. So if you've been looking for information like this, you've come to the right place.
Follow our tips and get a free Hooper Hooper robot, which can then be exchanged for a free robot at Roblox.Content
1 What is Hooper Hooper game?
2 Hooper Hooper Free Robux
3 Hooper Hooper Game Reviews
3.1 idk lol
3.2 It's certainly funny, but …… ..
3.3 Great game, but….

What is Hooper Hooper Game?

Hooper Hooper is a very interesting game that offers the most realistic ball throwing experience possible. Hooper Hooper is a brand new basketball thrower that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. This game has a chance to get Roblox Robux for free.

The game itself is very easy and simple, you don't need to have any special skills to play. To throw a basketball, you need to click on it. Then, after the throw, you get bonus balls based on your shot count.


Easy and intuitive game controls for any age.
High quality animation.
Simple yet recognizable image style.
There are two currencies in the game - Gold coins and Tokens. Tokens are the most valuable and very difficult to obtain.

Hooper hooper free robux

To transfer your currency (coins or tokens) to Roblox Free Robux, you need to go to the coins or tokens tab. Then you can choose what you want to cash out, it depends on how many tokens and coins you have. A prerequisite is the presence of the correct player ID.

Hooper Hooper Player Reviews

Idk lol

The game is ok, but I haven't gotten anything yet. I'll see what happens next, and if I win anything (I have 50,000 points, you need 100,000 for some robuxes). I'll see if he will ask for any passwords to get the reward, if not, great. If you ask for passwords, I delete the game. LOTS of bad reviews, all because people think how many points they have, how many robux they have, but that's not how it works. You first need to earn a certain amount before claiming. While it's hard I take a hit to make sure it's a scam lol

author - Siggy136cbt, 07.10.2021

It's certainly funny, but …… ..

Great game, it's a cool, fun app, but the robux part doesn't know it. Personally, it seems to me that some people / bots say it works and gives them robux. There is probably a certain amount of tokens you need to earn in order to access the robux. In general, the game is not bad, I might have played it still, but I hardly play roblox, maybe someone wants to play on my account. To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone will really give you roebucks, but I can check if they do. I can return to the game to check if they will do it for me or not, or if they give me a specific button that is on my tokens. I honestly don't believe it, but it's still a fun game (sorry if the last part didn't make sense, I'm using voice dialing).

by mfnfbsjcmvvfhsncvchcjsvdyc, 09/28/2021

Great game, but….

I am not given any robux, simply for the reason that in this game the players do not have enough balls to shoot. Also, if the developers read this, give the players a chance to take better shots. Make perfect when the ball hits the game, and make good when the ball misses, and miss when the player doesn't hit more than 1000 coins or 1000 robux. Robux is in the logo, which you can buy robux for, not coins. I really want robux, but this one is very difficult. So please developers, please make it a little easier to get robux, for example with robux coins and balls. But overall, the game is good and happy. Developers try to do what I asked.

by morissin on 03/10/2021