Princess Tale is a mobile RPG adventure game developed by Gamepub. The game is already available for Android and iOS. Below we show you the Princess Tales tier list and a beginner's guide. There are over 40+ characters in Princess Tale game, and their ratings only start with regular heroes, and elite heroes can upgrade them to S + level. Heroes can be upgraded to the SSS level.

So let's begin our journey through the Princess Tales 2021 levels and the Princess Tales beginner's guide.
1 Beginner's Guide to Fairy Tales of Princesses (Basic Tips)
2 Princess Tales Wish List
3 Promotion Guide for Princess Tales
4 The Tale of the Princess Game Description
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A Beginner's Guide to Fairy Tales of Princesses (Basic Tips)

1. Stars are only available for Gacha / Pulls, Queen's Tiaras and 24h Gold from the store.

2. Play in automatic mode, 10 is NEVER recommended.

3. Use only B-level princesses for food (blue frame)

4. Buy goddess jewelry with gold daily from the store, but DO NOT use stars on them.

5. Try to do the maze every day, use the maze coins only on the queen's tiaras.

6. If you get stuck at one stage, swap your units and / or positions. You can do this several times, otherwise wait for the AFK award.

7. Buy equipment only for guild tokens, but do not spend too much on equipment, only on red.

8. IT IS FORBIDDEN to level up your princesses to level S if you do not have one more copy of A +. The food is important, DO NOT WASTE IT.

9. Patience is the KEY in this game, this is the IDLE game. Take your time, log into the game every day and you will become stronger.

10. NEVER DO ONE PULL! even with regular tickets or elementary tickets. only x10

These tips should help you if you are a beginner.

Princess Tales Wish List

After clearing 1-3, your wishlist will look like this. Blue units give more chances of getting the same princess.
Princess Tales Tier List & Beginners guide

Princess Tales Game Guide

Promotion breakdown: You will need 8 copies of the same Elite Princess + a lot of feed to upgrade to SSS.

Princess Tales Tier List for Advent PVE Only

This is a princess fairy tale tier list, divided into 6 tiers from highest to lowest.

If you need more levels, tips and tricks from Princess Tales, please join the official Discord.

Princess Tale Game Description

Princess Tale is an Adventure RPG for mobile phones developed by Gamepub. The heroes of the game began to take the oath to the Demon Queen. They proclaimed: "She is more beautiful than the Goddess who was our comrade in arms 50 years ago!" The loyalty of the heroes to the Goddess was explained by her beauty. But now the Demon Queen has arrived, who is more beautiful than her.

Princess Tale has lovely princesses. They will fight and save the world from the evil Demon Queen.

In Princess Tale, each player initially receives 2,700 gems (10 calls) every day for 7 days from the first day of login. This is a very nice bonus for starting the game. Such a gift will help the player summon more princesses. This is a whole new level of newbie support.

You can download the fairy tale of the princess from the App Store and Play Store Download link below
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