PROXIMA BETA developers have released a new mobile role-playing game Alchemy Stars. Read our article on this and see a step-by-step guide to reorienting Alchemy Stars.
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Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide 2022

For easier rewinding, activate the Root function in the settings.
  • Open any file manager, go to data / data / com.tencent.baiyeint and delete the shared_prefs folder.
  • You now have the option to create a new guest account for another reroll.
  • After these simple steps, you no longer need to waste time on email and re-downloads.

How to progress (complete quests)

  • For Reroll, only if you have good traction for beginners, try 1-16 clear. If not 1-3.
  • To resume the Colossus, take the Angel - Dove - Miss Blanc Weiss, it will improve your mood.
  • Make friends and cheer yourself up, they will give you extra night and light.
  • Save the Courier for the Colossus mat farm. Farming takes a long time, but it needs to be done, and excess mats can later be used for fireflies.
  • Clean the stud before sanding A2 / A3. You will get 30+ points for your run and you will not lose your ski.
  • Try to reduce the gift area if you need additional statistics / knowledge.
  • Territory: Just take small robots that do extra damage when you have it. Complete every stage of the territory, even the bosses with their hitboxes.
  • Boss stages always give push, slide) stages give you 1/3 thrust without delay. Clear them for 2 extra passes to clear the chapter.
  • Try to rearrange the leaders to other Aurorians, then you can activate the chain / attack for maximum moves. Always cooperate with at least one Aurorian per day and they will pass on a secret piece of lore.
  • Ignore the materials to upgrade your gear, this is a minimal upgrade, especially in the beginning.
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