Hello everyone! Earlier, in previous Moonlight Sculptor tutorials, we've talked about food recipes, crafting, and ingredient locations. Today we will talk a little about something else. We will tell you about the Moonlight Sculptor pets. What pets are available in this game, how to tame pets, some tips for using pets and other detailed guides.

So here we go! Open the Moonlight Sculptor Pet Guide.

1 Moonlight Sculptor Pets Guide
1.1 What are Moonlight Sculptor Pets?
1.2 Moonlight Sculptor Pets Taming Guide
1.3 Moonlight Sculptor Using Pets
1.4 Moonlight Sculptor Pets Growth
1.5 Moonlight Sculptor Mercenaries and Buddies

Moonlight Sculptor Pets Guide

You can tame Monsters in the game. You can easily turn them into allies and comrades using Feed. Monsters will help you in battle and will always be on your side. Pets will grow and get stronger thanks to their combat experience. Each pet has its own different skills to help you progress through the game. Pets can be controlled on the screen.

What are Moonlight Sculptor pets?

Field monsters can be tamed and made allies using pet food and the Tame feature.
The Archer class is intended for battles with pets.

Moon Sculptor Pet Taming Guide

Pet food can be purchased at a pet store from a pet merchant. But the first thing to do is reach level 45. Only after it can you buy / sell premets from pet merchants such as Lydia.
Each pet uses a certain food. To tame a monster, use food that suits its taste. What chances do you have of taming the monster will be shown by the character's Charisma.
Use the Pet Feed to select the monster you like and tame it.
Each monster loves a different food, you can find out about these preferences of pets in the Codex.
Your chances of successfully taming your pet directly depend on the characteristics of your character's Charisma.

The moonlight sculptor uses pets

To start using pets go to the "Pets" menu. You will then be able to summon and control pets. If the pet has already been summoned, its level and HP are displayed on the screen. Go to Name to give pets a unique name or change the name of the pet.
If at a specific point in time the pet's call is canceled or the pet becomes unable to fight in the middle of the battle, it can be called again after a while.
If you want to summon a pet without waiting for a certain period of time, the item "Scroll of Conquest" will come in handy.
To get your pets back into the wild, you can use the Release feature. Just keep in mind that pets cannot be summoned again. After they are released, they will never return to you.

Moonlight Sculptor Pet Growth

Fight side by side with your pet, gain experience and level up your pet. To speed up your pet's growth, you can feed it Blue Star Tablets.
The archer class is able to learn various fighting skills with pets. This is the only profession that allows you to fight together with your pets.

Moonlight Sculptor Mercenaries and Pals

In the company of common monsters that can be tamed, on the screen of pets, you can also control the "Mercenaries" and "Friends". These guys can be obtained from purchases and events in the Store.

In the Shop, you can buy and hire mercenaries. They will become your helpers in battle for some time after being summoned. Mercenaries use the skills of human-type characters and do not progress beyond the level at which they were acquired.

You cannot hire a mercenary with a level difference of 20 or more. You can hire several mercenaries at the same time, but you can only use 1 mercenary at a time.
Buddy Contracts can be purchased from the Store and can be tamed using Contracts. Friends cannot participate in battles, but can help you pick up items. Some friends can also give certain buffs (for example, it increases the experience gained from defeated enemies).
Having bought the Friends' feed in the store, you can use it for the function of assigning a friend. The shared storage box can be accessed using the order function and items can be saved or retrieved from there.
At the same time, you can summon pets, mercenaries and friends. Organize and move forward together on challenging adventures.
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