GaeaMobile have developed a new strategy RPG game - Aotu World. Here you can create your own fashionable and colorful clothes. Also you have the opportunity to experience completely new tactical battles. You will definitely love it because they are very dynamic and exciting. Discover and explore the great secrets of the world of Aotu. Check out the article for a step-by-step guide to reorienting Aotu World.
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Aotu World Reroll Guide

  • Download the app from Google Play Store
  • Open the application and give access to all the necessary requests.
  • Add Aotu World to your UI.
  • From the dropdown menu select Aotu World, create a new Aotu World account in the game clone.
  • Start by choosing a guest account.
  • Defeat opponents and continue training.
  • Upon completion of the training, receive a welcome reward of 7GB x 4 multiple items.
  • Now fight the Specter Union officer and defeat him To Clear, All Prologue.
  • Exit the game and go to the options menu where you will see the "Multiple Accounts:" option. Applications for dual accounts and parallel space
  • Clear data and cache of cloning app.
  • Open your cloning app and start over.
  • For some more information, watch the video from Gacha Data.

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