Hello everyone! Company TOHO CO., LTD. has released a new tactical FPS game Godzilla Battle Line. The worldwide presentation of the Godzilla Battle Line game took place on June 15, 2021. Here we want to talk about the Beginner's Guide to the Godzilla Warline, and review and disassemble the best cards and decks for the Godzilla Warline.

In the Godzilla Battle Line, players will find all the popular monsters and weapons from the Godzilla series.
This strategy game will provide an opportunity for players to fight in real time with players from all over the world. The game is very similar to Clash Royale and Rush Royale. Here you can build your own deck of the strongest monsters and fight in simple but exciting 3-minute battles.
1 Godzilla Battle Line Guide for Ranked Battle
1.1 Godzilla Battle Line Ranked battle Tips
2 Godzilla Battle Line Decks & Battle Pieces
2.1 How to Use Battle Pieces
2.2 Played Battle Pieces
3 Godzilla Battle Line Cards ( Units )

Godzilla Battle Line Guide for Ranked Battle

Ranked Battle is a 1v1 game mode in which, as everyone knows, players fight one on one in real time.

The battle takes place using team building on the deck screen. The deck consists of 8 combat pieces, 1 leader and 7 different cards. If your goal is to win a ranked battle, only the best units should be in your deck.

Godzilla Battle Line Ranked battle Tips

Rating battles are limited in time - 3 minutes. Energy recharge rate is increased by 50% after 2 minutes. If, after three minutes, none of the players has won the game, the game goes into a two-minute overtime phase.

If the opponent's leader's HP drops to zero before the time expires, the player wins the ranked battle.

After a 2 minute overtime phase, if none of the leaders' HP has decreased to 0, the player with the most HP remaining wins. Only if the HP of both leading squads are equal will the match end in a draw.

To win a ranked Godzilla Battle Line, you must reduce the HP of the enemy leader.

Now let's talk about decks, cards and units of the Godzilla Battle Line.

Godzilla Battle Line Decks & Battle Pieces

In a ranked battle, combat units are used for energy consumption. Different warheads require different amounts of energy. If you are low on energy on the indicator then you will not be able to use one.

How to use Battle Pieces

At the very beginning of a ranked battle, 4 combat units are randomly selected from your deck, which make up your hand.

A warhead can be used by dragging it onto the battlefield if the energy gauge is fully or sufficiently charged.

The energy indicator will be depleted at the required energy cost, and a new combat element will be added to your hand.

Played Battle Pieces

If you used a combat unit in a ranked battle and took it out of your hand, it may reappear when you use other combat units.

If some combat units have already been used on the battlefield, you will not be able to use your combat unit until it is removed from the battlefield.

Godzilla Battle Line Cards ( Units )

There are two types of ground and air maps in the Godzilla Battle Line.
  • Ground Cards - These units only move along the ground. They are affected by water bodies, and they cannot pass through objects.
  • Air Cards - These units fly through the air. They are not affected by bodies of water or objects on the ground.

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