Hello friends! Today we plan to show you a list of The Legend of Neverland recipes. Food is the main ingredient in The Legend of Neverland and gives you a temporary buff and temporary stats. There are only two types of recipes in Legend of Neverland: the self-catering dish and the flower fairy enhancement dish. The cooking procedure is as follows: all you need to do is unlock the cooking skill wherever you are and research the dishes. It will be added to the initial list after you open a new dish.
We don’t waste time. Let's explore the Legend of Neverland food recipe list
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The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List

  • Fried Egg: x1 Egg, x1 Salt | Crit +300
  • Fried Rice with Shrimp: x4 Egg, x4 Rice, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1450
  • Fried Onion Rings: x5 Wheat, x5 Onion, x5 Salt | Block +600
  • Fried Rice with Mushroom: x4 Mushroom, x4 Carrot, x4 Rice | Crit +600
  • Mushroom Stew: x4 Mushroom, x4 Milk, x4 Black Pepper
  • Baked Mushroom: x2 Mushroom, x2 Salt, x2 Water | Block +300
  • Barley Tea: x3 Barley, x3 Salt, x3 Water | Crush +300
  • Roasted Potato: x3 Potato, x3 Salt | Hero EXP +150
  • Gruel: x2 Barly, x3 Wheat, x2 Water | Hero EXP +230
  • Chocolate Milk: x2 Milk, x3 Chocolate Material, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +850
  • Mixed Fried Rice: x5 Egg, x5 Potato, x5 Rice | Attack +150
  • Corn Flake: x4 Corn, x4 Milk, x4 Salt | Resistance +300
  • Popcorn: x6 Corn, x6 Milk, x6 Butter | Pierce +300
  • Boiled Corn: x1 Corn, x1 Salt, x1 Water | Hero EXP +100
  • Corn Porridge: x3 Corn, x4 Milk, x3 Water | Hero EXP +310
  • Steamed Dumplings: x4 Wheat, x4 Meat, x4 Salt | Pierce +600
  • Strawberry Milk: x3 Milk, x2 Strawberry, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +600
  • Vegetable Soup: x2 Milk, x2 Celery, x2 Carrot | Hero EXP +400
  • Onion Soup: x2 Black Pepper, x3 Onion, x2 Fresh Cheese | Hero EXP +480
  • Tomato Macaroni: x4 Wheat, x4 Onion, x4 Tomato | Resistance +600
  • Fried Food Platter: x3 Celery, x3 Carrot, x3 Bacon | Crush +600
  • Fried Shrimp: x3 Egg, x3 Wheat, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1150
  • Steamed Pork Ribs with Potatoes: x5 Potato, x5 Meat, x5 Salt | Attack +300
  • Fried Pork Chop: x5 Egg, x5 Wheat, x5 Meat | Crit +1000
  • Matcha Chicken Wing: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Salt | Block +1000
  • Stewed Chicken with Wine: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Red Wine | Crush +1000
  • T-Bone Steak: x3 Meat Chunk, x3 Thyme, x3 Salt

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