One question among gamers sounds much more often than others - "How to get a candy in a sausage." Therefore, we have compiled a list of all the information we have on this matter. Candy is the in-game currency used to buy Season Passes, Skins in Sausage Man.

So let's go straight to browsing the Sausage Man Free Candy Guide.
How To Get Candy In Sausage Man For Free
You can get 100 candies for free at Sausage Man. The reason for the extraordinary generosity of the developers is that Sausage Man recently reached 1 million downloads on TapTap. They decided to celebrate such an event by distributing 100 candies to all the islanders in honor of such an incredible achievement. All you have to do is go to the mailbox ⇒ open the mail ⇒ collect 100 candies.
As soon as you click the "receive" button, 100 gift candies will be credited to your account via email in the game.

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