Sausage Man is the fastest growing battle royale game. In Sausage Man it is very important to choose your weapons and attachments carefully, and if this is your first time here it will be difficult to decide on your favorite weapon. However, don't be upset. After some practice, you can easily choose your favorite weapon. Still, Sausage Man has guns that are considered some of the best in the game.

1 Sausage Man SMG & Shotguns
2 Sausage Man Best Sniper Gun
3 Sausage Man Best DMR
4 Sausage Man Assault Guns
5 Best Sausage Man Machine Guns

Sausage Man SMG & Shotguns

  • S1897
  • S686
  • S12K
  • KSG
  • UMP9
  • TommyGun
  • UZI
  • Kriss Vector

SMGs guns have tremendous power and range. They also have a good rate of fire that deals damage quickly. Whatever a weapon lacks in one area, it makes up for a deficiency in others.

Sausage Man Best Sniper Gun

  • Kar98
  • AWM
  • M24

Snipers are dangerous weapons that do massive damage in just one round.

Sausage Man Best DMR

  • MK14
  • SKS
  • Mini14
  • SLR

Sausage Man Assault Guns

  • Assult
  • AUG
  • Groza
  • QBZ
  • M416
  • M16A4
  • SCAR_L
  • AK-12
  • AKM

Best Sausage Man Machine Guns

  • Gatling Gun
  • DP-28
  • M249

If you want to conduct sniper shooting, then the kar98k with an 8x scope is best for such a purpose. But if you have other tasks, then you should take the DP 28, M416, Groza with a 6x or 3x scope.

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